a kodak moment  

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3/20/2006 3:47 am

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4/1/2006 7:15 am

a kodak moment

I lost it!!!

Indeed I hate to have to tell you this, my liege, but I lost it. My computer just won't cough it up, and apparently ate the pic as well. I'm now beginning to think it may be cutting me off. In fact it's already threatened me, that if it gets one more facial, that'll be the last cum shot that it's ever going to take off of me. Just this morning I found this little note that perhaps to my near utter chagrin somehow just cropped up overnight:

When we first met,
you adored me and bragged
about me endlessly, and
grabbed me by the ass
incessently, but now
all you do is criticize me.
We need counseling.

What a pity, huh? But now I’m afraid, if I ask it what C.E.O. stands for, I’m afraid it won’t let me be C.E.O. anymore!

In fact just the other day I got another little smart ass remark from it that said, A J5-400EE error code means your computer thinks you're an idiot and refuses to have anything more to do with you.

So here I am again …
back in uncertainty.

Slavery and torture were outlawed long ago,
but for some reason computers
and long-term long-distance lust
are still legal.

Yet, I’ll yet see no less what the old cranium might be able to cum up with, even at this critical hour, shooting from the hip so to speak, sort of somewhat like on a flabbergaster spur of the moment, huh, perhaps somewhat reminiscent, or sort of a little bit like that rather obtuse yet proverbial cock wagging the dog? Perhaps some really neat quotes would suffice at this point … anything to get this ugly monkey’s ass off of my back … as it’s now beginning to look like she may somehow have some sort of mooneyes on some other things as well? Pardon me while I unload:

the naked truth in the mater …

Today I will show
my gratitude for the
gift of this day by
spending less time
worrying about
yesterday or
[or my computer].

-- ostensibly anonymous

There seemed not to be another living
thing in all the world. There was some-
thing of bliss in this stillness, and some-
thing ominous too. It was the kind of
stillness that beckons us to turn
inward, toward the beginnings of our
existence [utter uncertainty].

‒ Paul Gruchow &

New life comes from shedding old skins
and pressing through the darkness
toward the light. Spring is the season
of new beginnings and of growth,
[and a new piece of ass].

-- Karen Kaiser Clark &

One last comment from my PC:
Don't take that tone with me!
If you can't ask me nice, then
maybe it's time for you to
find another computer!

Surely grandmas need more than just sex??? >>!

overall sizzle: {=} /8
yet with one very nice comment

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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3/21/2006 6:00 pm

Sounds like it is time for a new one.

Purry {=}


somethingelse40 replies on 3/22/2006 3:07 am:
... but it's so incredibly nostalgic you know ... How could I ever do such a nasty thing like that, unless I was enjoying it with you more often, huh?


somethingelse40 replies on 3/22/2006 11:01 am:
Is anybody else in your pants at the moment, Purry???

How about another little ole kodak moment??? in duplicate???

You’ve been so wonderful in so many ways, Purry, how could I ever begin to count ‘em all? Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, if you get my drift? There is yet but one very special favor that perhaps only you could truly satisfy you know: would you just sort of rub my little ole blog one more time: and once again perhaps arouse and taste and delight and suck my quite unusually stark and rigid, considerably obtuse, and lurching pickle?

In particularly among other things of course I’m specifically looking for more intuitive and succulent definitions of ‘mooneyes’ or even of ‘bloodshot mooneyes’, if you git my drift??? If somehow I can just get it straight from you, or perhaps straight into you, then we could consider my day made, Purry, if not tore up???

@@ somethingelse40

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