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beyond the hard felt hankerin of an oppressive ego …

To what extent am I merely or simply causing my own hankerin? Isn’t there anybody else I can legitimately blame? It’s HARD enough for me to cope with failure, how could I ever handle, or FONDLE, success? Pleasure, my liege, speaks for itself ... quite eloquently ... no doubt.

We exercise our hearts by being kind and loving, our minds by thinking, our imaginations by being creative, and our sexuality ... no doubt ... by putting out.

I drink not from mere joy in wine nor to scoff at faith ~~ no, only to forget myself for a moment, that only do I want of intoxication, that alone, save perhaps for an occasional buzz on. ~~ Omar Khayyam & no less

“What has been our [hankerin] of choice? It may be alcohol. It may be sugar, SUGAR PLUMS, or gambling, or PERHAPS dependent relationships [codependent moxies]. Some SPECImen have used anger, sex, sports, or the accumulation of money ~~ both HARD and HARDLY in my case. HANKERIN in this MOXIE, we learn there is a great DIVIDE among us. Our HANKERINS have not been only with a certain substance or a given behavior. We have been seduced and trapped by a ritual of forgetting ourselves. If we hadn’t found one HANKERIN, we may have found another. In giving one up, we often found ourselves drawn to a new SLUT.

“HOPEFULLY, now we are HANKERIN to ACCEPT ourselves and to FORGET ourselves in healthier ways. We all need to move BEYOND THE BOUNDS OF AN OPPRESIVE EGO. In our old HANKERIN, we could not learn healthy releases because we were HOOKED on unhealthy HANKERINS. Now we are learning MAXIMUM MOXIE-MOTOR MOXIE MAGIC: meditation, making friends, helping others, LETTING IT ALL HANG OUT, letting go, ETC., as HEALTHY HARD FELT HANKERIN ways to forget ourselves.

“Indeed I HANKER for MAXIMUM MOXIE-MOTOR MOXIE MAGIC today in staying away from self-destructive [SLUTS and all other such] intoxications so I am able to moxie healthy ORGASMS.

The natural world is a spiritual house. . . . Man walks there through forests of physical things that are also spiritual things, that watch him with affectionate looks. ~~ Charles Baudelaire.

I shall tell you a great secret, my friend. Do not wait for the last judgment. It takes place every day. ~~ Albert Camus.

I am grateful for the MAXIMUM MOXIE-MOTOR MOXIE MAGIC of each day in my awakening MOXIE.

If you have no use for moxie, or me, couldn’t you just create one? I just luv it when that happens. My major problem it seems is indeed something sometimes referred to rather unaffectionately as being mortal. Sometimes we need a full and thorough expression of a feeling in order to know it, experience it, and move beyond it.

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4/28/2006 12:45 pm

You are too funny!

Purry {=}


somethingelse40 replies on 4/28/2006 1:38 pm:
I'm so taken by your moxie, Purry, that I’m gradually letting you have your way with me. Is it my day to be the slave?

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