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if not a bit constipated ...

Okay! Okay! I'm still working on it.

Would you care to enjoin me??? happym; Guess what?

a running account …

Author Unknown (M.A.F. ostensibly a Mean Ass Fucker) [a collection of various notable authors and some not so notable yet perhaps a bit noteworthy as well]. Touchstones, A Book of Profound Meditations and Inveterate Funny Farm Fodder, Enriched and Fortified with Lots of Funny Droppings and Other BS, for Men, other Beasts, Specimen, Spokesmen, Gorillas, Monkeys, Asses, Assholes, Perverts, and Some Fugitives. Good Old USA: HAZELDEN FOUNDATION, 1986. Dreams [and blogs and posts and comments and wet dreams and stuff] are the touchstones of our character. ‒ Henry David Thoreau & Guess who?

the ass fairy Anal You want anal Well, have you heard of, the ass fairy in the ass fuck conspiracy: now somewhat hopelessly buried in amongst all of her many rather comparably stimulating offerings and other incredible accomplishments and accommodations.
Pertinent questions: Are we talking interludes or interlewds, Ms sfvcpl818??? Do you give private lessons??? or group lessons??? or intense interviews??? Is there a sign-up or a re-up list???
Possible Alternatives: Nevertheless, thanks for the tips: It's going to be quite a formidable task you know to try and memorize all of that stuff. Might you perhaps have an equally pleasurable condensed version: Instant Ass in a Nutshell, Greek for Dummies, or perhaps an Absolute Idiots Guide to Assholes???
On second thought: after taking several additional peeks, I may actually prefer your original version at this point. I may print it out and keep it right here next to my heart, between a rock hard and a lurching pecker.

ode to a snowjob in a blowjob by a snowman ...
"He's my new boyfriend. I know he's cold and unemotional, but on the other hand, he never critizes me, he doesn't complain about my Adult Floozie Finder friends, and if things don't work out, he'll be gone by April Fool's Day!"

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Anal You want anal Well, have you heard of

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