Bouncing Back to Life  

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4/6/2006 8:15 pm

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Bouncing Back to Life

How do two people who have seen a lot ever trust again? Your just sure that you have made a good choice she backs you and together you live harmoniously for many years.
Trusting and caring building on each other hopes and dreams.

Well when it all comes crashing down as happens a lot these days the trust and caring take a vacation and are replaced as anger and animosity set in.

So if you’re a new couple of people with advanced experience just where to you start again. Is it going to be as simple as “Just Falling for her” as it was before or is it to be “first we try then we trust” to borrow a movie line.

I know I am not jaded or bitter but cautious. I still see myself in a good light and a good place. Having made the honorable representation of myself and of my intentions, I was trusting and trustworthy. So it my hope that there is another like minded soul that I may eventually come across her path who will see things the same way. Someone who is ready to try again and not let the anger and pain eat her up. This is my wish for her and me. She is my journey; while there are many lovely women out there I am going to be watching carefully for her this time.

I am patient if nothing else. I also know a good thing when I have her in front of me.

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