for those who have met  

solution4sex 35M
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6/16/2006 3:05 pm
for those who have met

I havent ever met anyone from this website before. Just chatted here and there.

Currently there is a girl that I just received an email back from that is interested in me, and I was thinking of how I could keep things moving in a fashion that is not to drastic. My dick is saying that I would like to meet her now, but really we should get to know each other a litte first.

How did those of you that have met others from this site before get to that point? I was thinking that we should talk on the phone some first and through emails. Then if she is still interested then we could meet in a public place and move on to a more private area.

It is kind of hard to know how to approach people online. Some people may want to just meet right away and fuck; while others want to make sure that they are meeting somebody that they can trust before they move on to the bedroom.

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