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Most of the time these things actually describe things that I am going through and tend to help. My latest one states:

Four of Cups

You may find yourself bored and apathetic. This could be the result of doing too much and you are now burned out. Or maybe you haven’t been doing enough? In love, you feel stuck in a rut. There are many people who want to go out with you, but you don’t see them. Throw away your preconceived notions about what you want from a potential love interest and open your mind and heart to try something new. Someone who wants your attention may be the perfect person for you if you would only give him or her a chance.

The whole burned out thing is totally true. I am just burnt out as far as school goes. This is my last semester, but I just cannot motivate myself to go to class and do the work anymore. I am just flat out tired of school. Then the deal with not doing enough is true as well because I havent been getting much accomplished because of being burned out.

As for the rest, I do tend to be very picky when it comes to love interest. Somebody that reminds me of myself would be Jerry from the show Seinfeild. In that show he was very picky about girls that he went out with, and he always found something wrong with them. The episode with the woman that hand man hands was a classic.

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