What is your favorite part??  

softnlush 54F
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6/15/2006 8:12 pm
What is your favorite part??

What is the best part of sex..about making love..no,it is not the orgasm..although that is a nice,nice super nice feeling.

For me,the best part is the anticipation,the game 2 lovers play before they begin the act,it could start with a sexy phone call "I am coming over tonight and I am going to ....." well you know how it goes *giggles*,or it could be when he shows up,and he looks at you in THAT way,that just tells you it is going to be some night. That is really my favorite part,the part that really gets my juices flowing,anticipation..

Then comes the touching,could be tentative,could be obvious,but I love touching,hands on skin,lips on skin,lightly touching with fingertips,then becoming firmer but still gentle,your skin comes alive,the nerves all awakened,begging for more.

Then the kiss,soft at first,almost barely touching,the unkiss,then hot,passionate,hungry the losing your breath kind of kissing,your lips tingling,I love that.

The undressing,another favorite,I prefer when we undress eachother,I love how a man looks at me as I slowly undo his pants,looking at up at him ever so often,licking my lips as I anticipate his hardness in my hand when I pull his underwear off,and then the tingling in my lips as I anticipating tasting him. I love the look on my guys face when he practically pulls my top off,but slowly sooo slowly removes my bra and the smile that comes across as my breasts are exposed to his gaze. When he either lays me down or goes on his knees and soooo slowly removes my panties,feeling the heat of my sex near his hands or his face..I love that.

The act itself,pure animal lust,orgasm after orgasm from his skilled tongue,fingers and cock..of course love love love that.

But the very best..the very absolute best..is the after care,after we are spent,the sweat glistening on our bodies and we just hold eachother as we come down from the peak of the moment,the closeness that 2 people share after sharing "pleasantries" the laughter and carefree banter we share,mmmmmmm...love love love that..

So,what is your favorite part of sex? tell me I really want to know


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