Tuesday after the fog...  

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7/11/2006 4:18 pm

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7/27/2006 2:57 pm

Tuesday after the fog...

This am woke up really early,unwelcomed nightmares,explosions,death..covered in sweat..took a few minutes to get my bearings.

10am..my appointment with the doctor,for my final before release of my physical therapy and well,I did not expect the doctor to manipulate my leg as much as he did and well,I ended up having to take some vidodin and I passed out..it is now 705pm and I am kind of awake now..there is nothing more the docs can do for me,I may or may not get back the feeling in my lower right leg,I may or may not improve,but he said if I get a relapse or flareup to contact him. His advice remains,NO doing anything that has to do with putting weight on my right knee..we joked again about how this will cramp my sex life..which made me think about FWB and him being away and I cried in the doctors' office..really really so NOT like me.

I had to fill out a final form scaled from 0 to 10. 0 being no hardship and 10 being absolutely the worst kind of pain there is..I would say out of the 70 or so questions 90% of them were 0 or 1..when it came to the sex part..7 was picked each time..except for orgasms and lubrication..those got 0 LOL..but this injury has made me less..how do I put this..AGILE sexually with certain positions,though he and I work around it..during some more of the intense moments I paid for it later..hey,we forgot sometimes lol.

I am also feeling extremely lonely..again something that never was an issue for me before,as I have said before,I like my solitude most times..especially after a stressful week at work..or during stressful times period..I like to take a time out and be by myself and usually I am good with that..but honestly..I just hate where I live,there is NO night life to speak of and that is just,well..depressing to say the least. Yea there are bars here and there,but the element IN the bar usually keeps me far from it. Movies are ok..but not very social..can watch movies in the house and have a more sociable time if you want to know the truth.

Which is the main thing I miss about NY..any given day/night something to do and I did it..I was out and about all the time on the weekends..I could be falling asleep and midnight comes and my phone would ring and it would be a friend saying..wanna go here..or there..and Iwould be dressed and ready to goooo..I miss that,no chance of it happening here..ever!!!

Work..work work work..what is there to say..I had to do my mid year review,which I never am good at,we basically have to write our own and email to our team leader who then has a one on one with us,I guess mine will be next week as they go by seniority..I feel I am due this promotion and hope to get it when I have mine. I deserve it. It will be a couple of grand of a raise and that is always a plus in my books.

I have wondered how my ex tasa mates are doing..TNC,Frump,Cleavis,Heavensent,Loveable,Tone,da Freaks and a few others that I for the only excuse I can find..vicodin..cannot name..I miss the shit out of them..Blu and I were talking about a get together with a few of our favorites so once her divorce is all done,we shall do that. I did not mention bucfannn cause,well,frankly I can see her anytime I want LOL..she lives maybe 3 mins from me..I saw her on Sunday for a bit..watched movies..I made her laugh,she made me laugh..our usual times together...she brought donuts and frappucino..we talked to some new tasa guy online and watched Hard to Hold..ok fine,it is a bad movie..a very bad movie..but hey,Rick Springfield was in it and he shows his ass a few times..worth the hassle of the movie itself sucking.

Soooooo..anything new and exciting anyone wants to share? Anything?? Let me know


rm_bucfannn 62M/61F
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7/11/2006 9:13 pm

You make me sound easy....

Hell, I guess I am

LovableAscending 60F

7/12/2006 4:31 am

Hey Lady! All is well here but I am sad to hear your knee isn't going to be 100% I didn't realize you had lost feeling in your lower leg! I have heard that sometimes it takes a good, long "while" for that to return, so hopeful thoughts to you. I sent you an offline message the other day or night...? One of these days we'll be online at the same time LOL
I hope we can set up a little get-together sometime...I miss your laugh!

heavensent11236 53F

7/12/2006 4:58 am

Over here!!! Doing good, just working ALOT lately, finally getting some down time for a couple of days anyway. It's a definate about getting together, let me know when and I'll try to make it provided I'm off that day. Have to admit I SERIOUSLY missed you at the last M&G. Way too noisy and way too crowed so I only stayed for a couple of hours, but would have loved to have seen you again.

redheadedangel33 49F

7/12/2006 3:01 pm

miss seeing you at the parties I wish you had come to the little one we had. send me an im sometime I don't know anyway to contact you



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