This Weekend....  

softnlush 54F
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7/17/2006 4:59 am

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7/18/2006 6:56 pm

This Weekend....

Was not good..I was sick all weekend..I wanted to hang with my best friend,but my body was get the picture right?

Sooo did anyone have a great weekend..tell me about it..maybe I can live vicariously through yours..

Time to blow dry my hair..the start of my week and all I want to do is lie in bed today..I still feel shitty..but gots to goes to work so I's can pay my billz LOL

Happy Monday


rm_MisterFrumpy 47M
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7/17/2006 10:18 am

i worked 15 hours on saturday and spent most of sunday running around shopping for stupid little things i've been neglecting to get for weeks..exciting eh?

LovableAscending 60F

7/17/2006 8:21 pm

awww...feel better soon *hugs*

missyouforever4 42M
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7/18/2006 1:44 am

a cute so so very

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