The Cucumber and the Zuchinni.. A true story of Dumb and of Fun LOL  

softnlush 54F
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7/25/2006 7:19 am
The Cucumber and the Zuchinni.. A true story of Dumb and of Fun LOL

Ok I woke up feeling extremely ornery..yep..I hate when that happens and I wake up in a bad mood..could have been a dream I cannot remember (shocking I know,but yes there are dreams that I do not remember usually fucked up ones).

I think what is getting to me,are stupid people..yea sometimes they are fun,and amusing,then sometimes..well,when it happens all the hair starts to hurt.

They are everywhere,they are your neighbors,they are in the car in front of you going 35mph in a 60mph zone,it can be the co-worker next to you,it can be the dumb chick who can't tell the difference between a zuchinni and a cucumber in the produce department at the supermarket(there is a sign there if you are that stupid btw)now,to be fair and as a side story to share..I have done that..ON PURPOSE,in Brooklyn where I lived,we had this firehouse that honest to God,had firefighters that were so hot,I think it was a pre-requiste at that particular firehouse to hire only the hottest men..*sighs* I knew when I saw that big red truck in front of the fruit and veggie store,I had to act..dumb..and I would hold a cucumber and go up to the guy and say,how should I make this zuchinni? He would smile,say hon,that is a cucumber..and I would say something like,hmm I thought it was kinda big and fat to be one,but I was not sure..sometimes it would go further,him asking if I prefer longer fatter veggies as opposed to longer thinner veggies and I say,the fatter..the better is always aces in my books..we would laugh as the innuendos flew,sometimes exchanged numbers and after they paid for their food and left on that truck,I would shake off the dumb routine and end up leaving with nothing cause I really did not need veggies..that is OK..that is fun..this chick..seriously was asking an old woman about cucumbers and zuchinni I nearly peed myself laughing so hard. Yes,I lurked as I listened because I had to. I just HAD to. And yes,she was blonde (sorry to all the blonde people I know).

So that is the story of the cucumber and the zuchinni..and get your minds out of the gutter..I am sure some of you were thinking veggies to fuck..LOL too funny

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