So what is it with you and Vampires,softnlush?  

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6/26/2006 6:51 am

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So what is it with you and Vampires,softnlush?

It goes back..way back..I learned very early that my mom's side of the family came from Romania,near to Transylvania,though I forget the town,my grandfather was from there,and he moved to NY when he was young,met my grandma years later,married and had my mom,he died shortly after I was born,so I never knew him..but the family told me many wonderful stories about him..then as I got older,I started watching movies,and one of the movies I loved was Dracula the one with Frank Langella in it and I became very enrapt of the whole Vampire thing. Reading up on it as much as I could..listening to stories about the old country (most made up I am sure,just to make me want more)..and wishing I could speak to grandpa,to hear his accent..*sighs*

The TV show,Kindred the Embraced came on the Fox Network and it showed the clans of Vampires,I was intrigued by it,and it ended very quickly,although the show itself I felt was very good,I believe the lead charachter died in a car accident before the 2nd season could be finished,so they basically ended the show,I guess they could have recast it..but maybe the powers that be were not really ready for a tv series like this..remember Dark Shadows in the 60's and 70' me WE ARE READY..but alas..nope,gone..but found out they are available on DVD and VHS so I may own them soon

Fast forward a few years later,I discover the Vampire Chronicles,I am sucked into it (hehe)..imagining it,wanting to wish vampires were real in a sense,to live forver,to be forever beautiful,to be a legend in someones myth.

A friend of mine,knowing my love for the undead,went on vacation and brought me a souvenier,a vampire candle stick holder,it is detail is beautiful,although the Vampire itself is reminiscent of a Bat like,dead vampire lol..if that is possible,his hand over his heart,which you place the candle stick,a long tapered one,so it seems it is a stake..I loved that gift and I still have it,but it is in a box in Pennsylvania right now. But it is one of my favorite things I own.

Then The film came out,Interview with the Vampire..and I fell in love with it again,although it showed 2 vampires at what it seems to be opposite ends,it really was that they wanted the same thing,only one lived with regret,and the other lived with the inevitable,it is what it is,it is not life,it is not is what they are. One made without choice,the other made the choice and then regretted it. But I was totally into it..totally.

Next came a trip to N'awlins and during a tour of the garden district came across my favorite Author's home..Anne Rice..and I felt the pull of the vampire again..I loved the French Quarter and I want to go back.

I joined vampire rpg groups on aol when my sister would have me over..I enjoyed it immensly,but as fads go..the rooms were less and less,and the people less and less I left it,with regret,because I had hoped to meet people in my area that went to actual vampire role play parties..but it just never happened..oh well.

Then a band that I knew about came around..they had many incarnations..a local band out of Brooklyn NY that were HUGE in Germany LOL..but,the lead singer,who when I first caught glimpse of him,scared the crap out of me,he was wayyyyyyyy too tall,and way to heroin addicted looking (tho he is not addicted to heroin,nor do I think he even uses,his drug of choice is wine from what I read)..and their music then was very hard core..not gothic,extremly hard core I did not get all that into them..until..Bloody kisses came out..the music on this CD completely different than what I was used to by this band..the video that came with it,showed me a different man than the one I glanced at while watching his band at L'amours.

I was working answering phones at a local metal station and we were interviewing them and again,his pressence terrified me,I could barely look at him..about a year later..I could not stop looking at him..he appeared in Playgirl Magazine and I was floored..and I fantasized about him all the time..I had seen him at clubs that I frequented,he was usually alone,all 6'7" of his black MC jacket,tight black jeans,long black hair and green eyes..and I would be spell bound..I mean really and truly..and could never muster up the confidance to re introduce myself (and trust me to this day I wonder had I done so,would I have fucked him cause damn I wanted to)to him.

I watched him on talk shows,I watched him on MTV being interviewed,the band itself became pretty popular once the pix came out..but what got me was during an interview,he laughed at something and I the fantasies got more intense,wondering if he was truly a vampire or in the very least wondering if HE actually believed he was.

So I found out,for about 8 months give or take, I was having these dreams about him..they always were the same..him being a rock star vampire (ie the vampire lestat book),and my being his willing consort..seeking him out,flying through the skies,ultimatly finding him and we feed off eachother as if we were having the most amazing sex..the dreams although vivid,were dreams I do not think I am having out of body experiences (as a few people suggested),but they were happening almost the point where I actually could not wait to go to sleep..very odd..very odd..and then they were gone..and recently have come back again..although I am happy to be having them is not the same obsession as it was a back in 98 I believe..where I constantly dreamt about him..and asked the DJ if he could possible find him and invite him over for a party or something..anything where I could actually see him,talk to him and perhaps experience him.

About a year or so ago,one of my friends called me extremely excited..apparantly Peter Steele grew up in the same neighborhood as her husband,had I known this I would have begged LOL..apparantly his brother was at a bar in brooklyn and sitting at the bar was none other than my dream man..and apparantly my dream man remembers my friends hubby and called him..and my friend realizing who it was..was so excited that the second he stopped talking to him,she grabbed the phone and called me to tell me..what were my first words you ask? "You have got to invite him over next time I am in PA" Make it happen!!!! LOL

That was as I said,about a year or so ago and I have not been back to PA,so the obsession is pretty much dead..but,if I do go..I will ask her if it is at all possible to have her hubby invite him over for dinner..hanging out..whatever..and see if I can re-introduce myself to my dark prince


demonicsexkitten 42F
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6/26/2006 7:45 am

best of luck in meeting him!!!!

i'm not *that* into vampires... but i'm terribly into paranormal (esp. vampire) romance novels. i also always joke that i was a vampire victim in a previous life... i so do love my neck being bitten. (and i've been called a vampire cuz i love biting too).

are there any sci-fi conventions around you? do you still look for vampire role-players? when i used to attend those things there were always some "vampires" around.

rm_passion7523 52M
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6/26/2006 6:10 pm

dark deep desires
oh prince of darkness
come so i may
fall into your arms
come take me away
to erternity and beyond

you write so well softnlush

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