Ramblings of an Insomniac  

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9/2/2006 1:51 am

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Ramblings of an Insomniac

Yes..again the insomnia bug has bit me in the ass..I have been trying to sleep since 1130pm tonight,I got home about 1030pm from work,had a bite to eat since I did not eat anything since 11am..I was supposed to be at work at 10am...but that did not happen..and I waited for the rain to pass and headed to work..got half way there when the floodgates opened and once again,taking my life into my hands I drove to work..slowly but surely..got to work at 1115am..boss understood and I did not get flack for showing an hour or so late for OT..got out of work at 930pm..today was not such a good day at work..very very busy and we were very very very shorthanded.

My best friend is leaving florida..I am not talking best friend in a couple of years type of thing..NO.she and I have a history good,bad,and indifferent since High School..she says it is 25 yrs..it is more like 27,we have had our ups and downs and bumps on the road,but we are as tight as we always were,even when she makes me soo crazy I want to strangle her..which is alot LOL..I came to fla with 1 bag and knowing I will be ok because she was here..now she is going and although I have established my life in florida,the fact is..I will miss her more than words can say..and even tho distance never parted us..it will still be very difficult for me..I thank god/goddess or whomever that I have made friends since I been here with other great women and men and I know I will be ok..just like she will be ok back where she feels she needs to be.

I miss FWB something fierce..I turn on my favorite mode of chatting hoping to see an IM from him,but so far nothing,I am sure I will hear from him soon,but when I do not,I worry about him..that too shall pass.

I am happy I rejoined the group I am part of,I love posting on the TASA board and I really missed doing that,everyone for the most part seems to really be happy I am back and I am sure down the road I will be attending TASA functions again..baby steps tho,I am still unsure of a few and some of the newbies kinda scare me LOL...not in a terrible way...but I am wary and just try to make friends as I go and hope that even if I make enemies we can at least be civil..that is all I can do,right?

I have decided though to try to make an effort to accept people for who they are and try not to get wrapped up in the drama again,to ignore what I cannot change and stick with the ones I trust and let the chips fall where they may,as long as it does not DIRECTLY affect me and who I care about..I will turn a blind eye to it,but if it does get in my face,or hurts a friend of mine..all bets are off and I will not be so nice this time,that is a promise..so be warned LOL..I will play the game in the "can't we all just get along" mode and if that does not work..from now on I will confront the person or persons that irritate me to whatever consequence I have to deal with in the fall out..no more letting it eat at me like a cancer,I will be softer to people I was hard towards,but that does not mean we will ever be friends..we will just be people in a social situation behaving as cordial as possible and respectful as always.

I believe life is too short to harbor ill feelings,especially if in the long term it has less than a significant impact in my life,I will ignore the annoyances and embrace those I want in my life..that is the best I can do.

But I will give people some pointers where dealing with me is concerned..it goes for both men and women..but I will separate the sexes for these "demands"..ladies,I will not tolerate back stabbing,lying,flirting with my man in a way that disrespects me(if my man is around or any man I wam with for that matter),I will not tolerate rumors flying about other people,but especially me..if you heard something that sounds off,tell me about it for a straight forward answer to the negative or affirmative,do not assume..I carry myself as a lady always,I respect peoples relationships and I expect honesty..if I find out you lied,I will never believe a word you say..that simple

men,do not assume because I am on a sex site,that I am a slut,I am far from it..farrrrr from it..do not approach me like I am the last meal you ever ate..do not lie to me about being married or attached..do not treat women with disrespect,do not bad mouth my friends or hurt my girlfriends in anyway..do not use me to hurt someone else. If you are one of the rare men that actually do get me in bed,keep it to yourself unless I say it is OK to talk about it and the same will be given to you..In other words do not be a jackass..ok?

I have heard from a couple of people that they "heard stuff" about me within the group..and although I feel I should not have to say this..I will so that there is clarity..I have not,nor ever will be involved with any of the males of the group..yes,I have had an attraction or two,but it was never talked about or acted on( I doubt the men in question even knew of it),not so much as a kiss,so anything heard otherwise,is a fucking lie..bluntly put..a lie..nuff said..felt good to get THAT out of the way..people that usually start rumors of this sort are trying to deflect their from their own unladylike or ungentlemanly behaviors..so lets get that rumor all cleared up..I have not kissed,touched or had sex with any males from the group..ever..nor will I..not because they are not a great group of men,but because of the "family" like atmosphere on my part..and I do not do family lol.

OK it is almost 5am..I think I should try this sleep thang..have a good day all

Happy Saturday


rm_MisterFrumpy 47M
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9/2/2006 7:33 am

everyone in the group i think 'hears stuff about themselves' and honestly its kinda comical

i'm like wow? i didnt know that about me! lol

rm_bucfannn 62M/61F
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9/2/2006 11:55 am

Oh nooooooooooooooooo... the rumors I spread about you being an easy mark got back to you? Well shit. See what happens when you take people at their word?


I'm too trusting. Next time, I will just tell people, (stuff about you), that don't know you...

Happy Saturday to you, my friend

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