Moving day....  

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12/18/2005 6:13 pm

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Moving day....

I had to wait for them to come,the movers and the cable people are coming the same day..what a nightmare! But at least I will have it all in one day.

"Anytime between the hours of 11a-2pm" said the annoying voice on the phone when I asked when i could expect the things 1030 my doorbell rings,I look thru the peephole..and wow,2 guys oh about 25,30 yrs old. One latino..the other a white guy with long hair..I open the door and they have me sign for my things and I notice the latin guy look me over and lick his lips..I smile at him.

The both of them start moving my things into my place,I cannot stop staring at them,it is really warm that day and I can see the sweat form on their chests,their t-shirts clinging to their very defined pecs. "hot out huh?" I asked the obvious and said,it's ok to take your shirts off..I do not mind,they laugh as I blush. But all of a sudden they took of their t-shirts,now I am caught dead to rights staring at them,absentmindedly touching my lips with my fingers.

I notice they both start talking to eachother,low so I cannot hear them and again they climb into the truck and move one of my boxes,it is marked "bedroom" is the box that has all my diary that I kept for years,my lotions creams,handcuffs,blindfolds and all my sex toys and I worry because I wonder if they know what most women really have when they move boxes marked "bedroom". They bring the box in and I ask them to place it on the floor as my bed is still in their truck..I decide to open it,daring I know..but for some reason I had an urge to be bad and wanted them to wonder how bad I can be. If anything it gave me a rush. I opened the box and remove my diary,my erotic literature I read,there are lotions and I take them to the bathroom leaving the box open..the guys come back in and when I walk out of the bathroom I notice the latin man has a vibrator in his hand,"this was on the floor miss"..I turned beat red as I took it from his hand and quickly put it in the closet.."a pretty lady like you should not have to need that thing,a pretty lady like you would have me crawling to her" and I said,"I do not have it cause I need it..I have it cause I want it" and what business is it of yours? I know you did not find it on the floor,you saw it in the box and took it..he smiled and then the other guy said,"my girlfriend has lots of stuff like that,turns me on to see her use it"..I said,"it probably turns her on to do it for you,since you are so fuckin hot"..and I looked at latin boy and said,"you too".

"Do most of the women you move for,come on to you?" They said,they never worked together before and yes,sometimes women came on to them,but they never did a tag team or anything like that and most times they just smiled and did their jobs and went,do not want to lose their jobs over a moment of animalistic lust. I nodded,I agreed and I felt warm..a felt a need to test them. I said "what about if I told you both I want you both to fuck me?" I saw the long haired guy gulp and immediatly saw his cock shift in his pants,the latin guy seemed more brazen "do you want us to fuck you pretty lady?"..I walked over to him,his olive skin,dark eyes,goatee and his confidance made me wet and I reached over and put my hand behind his neck,and licked his throat up under his chin to his lips and said "fuck yes I do"..he dove in,his tongue in my mouth,hands on my ass and I reached out my hand to the long haired guy and pulled him and motioned him behind me..he pulled down my shorts and stood up and rubbed his hard cock against the crack of my ass,I felt his jeans with that hard cock inside them against my skin and I grinded my ass onto it.

The latin guy moved off my mouth and slowly works his way to my top..he pulls it off and seems surprised I am not wearing a bra,and starts to slowly tease the tip of my right nipple with his tongue,his finger slowly going in circles on my left nipple,the guy behind me finally released himself from his jeans and felt his hard,naked cock still being grinded between my ass cheeks..I turn around,and run my fingers around the long haired guys lips,slip my finger in and he sucks it and I move closer and slowly and deeply kiss his lips,slowly working my tongue into his mouth,he starts to suck my tongue in,I reach down and rub his cock,it is a nice size about 7inches but thick and sooo beautiful..the latin guy goes on his knees and slowly pulls down my low rise hot pink lacy panties and as he gets to my ankles I very easily step out of them..I am still kissing Long haired guy and Mr latin man is rubbing my pussy with this forefinger and sticking his thumb in my asshole..I am so close to cumming but I want to wait,make it last..I cannot believe this is happening but I want every second to last as long as possible.

the latin guy pulls me down so I am on my knees in front of the long hair guy,perfect height to his cock and he says "suck his cock .. I want to see you do it" and I smile as I look up at the long haired guy his hand stroking my cheek and his other hand guiding his throbbing hard cock to my waiting lips..I lick the head,softly,around and around,I open my lips a little more and take his head in,flicking my tongue on the underside,he now grabs a handful of my hair and pushes his cock deeper down my throat,I choke..he pulls out a bit,slapping his cock on my face.."suck it" he groaned, and shoves it back down my eyes glance to the side of me and mr latin guy is now sitting off to the side,his hand on his cock and this is the first I see is huge at least 10 inches and thick,my eyes widen at it,he strokes himself and says "you suck his cock,then you suck mine" and I start to do my thing,I wrap my hand around his cock and between the rhythm of my mouth and my hand strokes the long haired guy was about to burst.."I am gonna fuckin cum,take it all..drink it all" and with a loud moan,flooded my throat with his juice,a little dribbled down the side of my lips and I used my finger to get it before it splashed on my new carpet "mmm that tasted good" and crawled to my latin cock sitting on my rug with his enormous cock..I say "I doubt I can fit you all the way in but I promise you will not be disappointed"

I firmly gripped this monster,my fingers barely fit around and started stroking it up and down and sucking the massive head,softly alternating between licking and sucking,trying to take more and more of him as I could without feeling like I would dislocate my jaw. "yes lady,suck my head,lick my shaft" and finally he said "suck my balls" and I started slowly stroking his cock and swirling my tongue around his sack,his legs were shaking and I noticed his balls getting tight,I knew I had to taste this man..I started sucking a bit more firmer as he was saying "suck them harder" and moved my mouth off and started to suck his cock,taking about a 1/3rd of him and rubbing his balls as I sucked him..he came with a cry and totally took me by surprise by the amount of jizz he had,it was a huge amount and I took every last drop..I turned around to see long haired guy hard as a rock again.."do something for me now baby" and I laid down and spread my legs for him,he smiled as he saw my very wet and shaved pussy,I looked at him intently as I moved my hands down and spread my pussy apart for him "lick it"..and he moved onto his belly,kissing my inner thighs,biting them gently and kissed my pussy fully,he moved off and slowly began to stroke between my lips "you are so fucking hot" he moaned as he slipped a finger inside..I reached down and slowly rubbed by clit and he moved my hand away,he slowly traced the entire length of my slit with his tongue,just below my clit lightly flicking it..then on my clit,slowly agonizingly slowly made small circles around my throbbing bud,then slowly gently sucking it,slipping in another finger he started rubbing my g-spot as he locked onto my clit..the latin guy comes over feeling fully restored and lifts my upper body up and leans me against his chest,he rubs my tits and sucks my neck as I get closer and closer to erupting all over long haired guys face.."make her cum man,she is so fucking close" and with that long hair man concentrated solely on my clit and my g spot and then that throb and heat happened "don't you stop,don't stop oh god don't stop" and I came all over his face,I knew I squirted I felt it come out of me and when he looked up I was dripping from his chin and he smiled,licked his lips and lowered his lips onto mine..I licked myself off his lips,his chin,cleaned him up good..But I wanted more...I wanted to fuck..and fuck them both..I wanted what I thought I never wanted..

I turned around and climbed on the Latin man,he guided his huge cock inside my still throbbing soaking wet pussy and slowly moved myself down onto him and long haired guy maneuvered himself behind me and slowly worked his now hard again cock into my hurt,a lot..but I knew this was a one time only experience..I allowed myself to relax and while I had this massive cock in my pussy and I was moving slowly on it,Mr long haired was behind me slowly fucking my asshole..

I heard a "ahem" and a cough and there is mr cable guy standing in my doorway..I see from the look of his uniform pants he has been watching for a while and I,between fucks and groans..tell him "get that cock over here" and he said, "lady you don't have to tell me twice" stands over the latin guy and I start to suck his cock..3 loads of protein in 1 day,how lucky can a girl be?? I feel the latin guy getting close,the base of his cock is throbbing and I use my kegels to tighten myself around him..causing mr Long hair to feel me tighten around him and both let loose their spunk inside both my hungry holes and when that happened..cable guy let loose down my hungry throat..I slowly slid off the 2 movers and the cable guy eased his cock out of my mouth and we all headed to my shower to clean up..I still had the cable to be connected and my tv set was still on the truck..come on guys..we need to get back on schedule *giggles*..everyone gets dressed and my things are moved in with no issue and my cable is all hooked up and....

My alarm goes off..830am..damn..just a dream ..fuckkkkkk *thows blanket over her head and hopes she can get back to where she left off.

cock tease..aren't I??

JNines 69M
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12/25/2005 4:52 pm

It was a lucky day for you and a lucky day for two movers and the cable guy. Wow!

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