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2/20/2006 6:19 am

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Monday Monday

Yep,it is Monday,first day back to work after a week off..a week that will go down in history as being the shittiest of them all..yep,I got sick..the entire week wasted in bed and I am still not feeling 100% up to par..*sighs*

What happened this whole week..well,it started Saturday night,had a great time at the M&G.then it was all down hill from there..sick the next day..Monday worse..then excitement on Valentines day with a surprise holiday fuck from FWB,tho I was too under the weather to enjoy it to it's fullest..Then total disappointment in a friend..then starting to feel better..only to get sick again on Saturday after simply going for a drive to pick up a friend at the Bon Jovi relapse..*sighs* getting an invitation for the wedding of a former FWB (who was hands down my best relationship ever we truly were friends as well as more than friends for almost 2 yrs)..and I cannot go,not enuf notice to go..and I am feeing melencholy about it..I mean I am so happy for him and I know she is the luckiest lady..but now that is officially the end of he and I oh well..that chapter is forever closed even though it officially ended years ago..but everytime we saw eachother that banter was there,remember this and how about that ha ha..oh well,life goes on,he waited a very long time for his princess and he deserves all the happiness in the world..I know he will be faithful and trustworthy with her,I know this man very well and he is such a good person.

I will miss what we shared,but I will forever have the memories..I wish you love and happiness on the new road you are travelling..always my friend forever you will be..hugs to you both..

Monday..a new week..Friday night the palace..hopefully the illness will be gone by then..would suck if I am still feeling under the weather

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