Last Warning to trolling Marrieds..DO NOT EMAIL ME!!!!!!!!  

softnlush 54F
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8/5/2006 3:34 pm

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8/6/2006 4:20 am

Last Warning to trolling Marrieds..DO NOT EMAIL ME!!!!!!!!

Since my account is expiring in 5 short days..I decided to open my profile these last 2 weeks and except for 1 person..I am still baffled by the idiots I get emailing me..

None of them read my profile..and that basically said NOT LOOKING..I have had them compliment my eyes (nope not an eye in sight)..I have had them insult me for having a profile at all..the self professed AdultFriendFinder profile police..etc,etc..

Married men,have I mentioned how I detest liars and cheaters? I think I made that pretty clear..yes,as I said everyone has a story..but I am talking about the trolls,the liars,the men who seduce with words to many lonely women,with their wives knowing NOTHING about their outside stimuli..

I have NO issues with marrieds that play issues at all,for myself, it is not my cup of tea to be the invited guest in a couples bedroom (but ya never know,I could be and that would be cool)but I have no bad feelings about it because everyone is aware of the situation,I,in fact,respect open relationships because of the level of trust and honesty that is involved in it ..kudos to those who make it work,I admire that openness and trust..but what I am talking about are not those,no,no,no I am talking the lowly ones,that basically have the same profile..lots of prefer not to say,and discreet,I am a fan of discreet, not kiss and tell,do not fuck me and tell your buddies,do not plaster my name on your blogs or write a testimonial..that kind of discreet I can live with..the ones I am talking about are,married..married and lying to their wives/husbands/SO's. Sneaky shady shit I mean.

So I feel really bad that you are not getting what you think you "need" or "deserve" at home,but find someone else,someone with as much to lose as you do,who has no self esteem about themselves and will take your daytime only,afternoons possible moments with you..weekends,birthdays,valentines day not seeing him/her..if that is what you think you deserve,well more power to you..I deserve more than an hour or 2 away from the humdrum of the vows that you made to another..but there is someone out there who probably feels the same way and is dying for your email..I am not you finally get it?? GET IT?????

Your words will not phase me,your emails will not garner a response,I do not respect you if you are lying about what/who you are..I am sorry if I sound holier than thou..but I've been cheated is not fun,it is not pleasant and I am not really good about being the last to know..and I am sure your betrayed spouse would feel exactly the same way I did..imagine if he/she turned the tables on you..hmmm..imagine that,as I found in the past..what is good for the goose or gander is not good for the gander or goose,do as I say not as I do..LOL I know men who cheated on their wives/girlfriends and when he got wind of woman scorned and her revenge..he went could she? the slut,that whore..ummmmm..what about YOU..but I am a man..NO,what about YOU??? If you can dish it out,you have to be able to take it right? Good thing I am from the 2 wrongs don't make a right school..he cheated..I walked..that is what I do..that will never change..he was looking and looking and whoring around..and I found love..see,that is what happens to good may have not lasted but I kept my self respect and he,well,will always and forever be..a lowlife cheater..and I understand he is all alone now..oh whoas me..NOT

So for all who read this and see themselves in this blog,I aplogize if I offended you,but I do not apologize for my feelings on this topic. There are just way too many options out there,I believe anything can be worked out if you truly love and respect your partner..and if you cannot,then be kind..let them go,someone out there is worthy of them..don't you agree and don't you think someone out there may be worthy of you??? Think about it..really.

Gets her asbestos suit on..but if you are extremely nasty to me,you will be deleted and banned from posting on my blog..I am not naming names/handles or even being gender specific (except for 1 example),I am just tired of the emails I am getting from desperate men..but in 5 days I won't really have to worry too much about it.

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toothysmile 52M
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8/5/2006 4:42 pm

how about we just go drinking together?...
should i email you for that/...

softnlush replies on 8/5/2006 5:53 pm:
if only you were in Tampa..but I notice a prefer not to say in YOUR profile *laughs*

rm_jurgon3 57M
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8/5/2006 5:49 pm

poor soft, im sorry for your bad experiances on here, being a standard member i cant read any profiles so i dont understand the fellas that do email you. i use the chat rooms and bloggs to get to know people. so dont let those idiots get you down, chin up hun and dont let the bastards get you down.

Be lucky!

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