La Vie Boheme  

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9/10/2006 6:57 am

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La Vie Boheme

I am going to see Rent is the last show of their 4 day stint at the Tampa Bay Performance Art Center..going with 2 of my co workers,and looking forward to it.

But it is times like these,where I realize this is something I would usually share with Blu..these are things we would do together,check out a movie,a band and a play..or whatever piqued our interests..and now,well,she is not here to Rent with me..we did see the film when it came out..we sang along,laughed and cried..tonight I share this with 2 other women..not my best friend..that is kinda depressing..*shakes it off*

She arrived in NJ safe and sound..she left Orlando after spending time with her daughter on Thursday morning and arrived Friday night at about 7pm..not too bad with making a couple of stops..she is travelling I was relieved to hear from her and that she arrived in 1 piece.

Today is my bruvvas birthday..yea I call him bruvva..he is a great great person..we are more friends than anything else,long story but we did not see eachother for many many yrs,I saw him at 8yrs old and then saw him again when he was 16 briefly and then not again until well in his 20s..we have had a steady bond since the last time we saw eachother..over 10 yrs it is all good..I hope he has a great day

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the events that changed the world..and changed my life in many bad and good ways..I was asked to write a piece for work about my 9/11 I did that on Friday and a couple of my teammates wanted to read it..1 cried..and then I handed it in for monday..I will not be there when it is read since they are doing a real time sort of memorial andI do not start work till noon..but I will hear about it I am sure.

Anyway..I hope everyones Sunday is amazing and it does not rain on the way to pick up the girls..heading out at 4pm..doing dinner first then a night of theatre..Florida style..this should be an experience LOL


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9/10/2006 7:55 am


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