In a Flash..  

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3/3/2006 7:26 pm

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In a Flash..

I got to work early today,so I decided to treat myself to a chocolate cappucino at the cafe in the complex I work in..I pulled my car into a spot and another car pulled in..

Their door opened first and out comes a very tall guy,dressed in medical,and I follow and head for the cafe,he holds the door for me as I scurry over..and he looked at me and smiled,and I instantly felt my cheeks turn red and I looked away from him. I walked in ahead of him and placed my order and he ordered the same thing I did,I sat down and drank mine slowly and he sat down at the table next to me,he glanced over from time to time and I tried not to let him see as I glanced at him..he was absolutely adorable and all of a sudden he was gone..I decided to take the rest of my cappucino with me and head to work,his car was gone..oh well..

But for some reason I felt very attracted to him,in fact,I am ashamed to admit,that the reason I probably did not see him get up and leave was because I ended up having a daydream sex fantasy about him..about asking him to give me a pelvic exam *laughs*..about asking if I can use "tongue depressor" and I am not talking about that wooden thang..I am talking about his fleshy one..I wonder if I was squirming in my seat during my little fantasy..did he notice,did he notice as I absent mindedly played with the long stirrer? Did he wonder why I licked my lips just a little bit much? He probably didn't notice me for more than a moment..but that is ok..he was very attractive,very tall I would say 6'2,he had light brown hair and blue eyes and dimples..I have a weakness for dimples..I really do.

The good news is if he went there for cappucino he has to work in 1 of 2 buildings that are near by to my job that are "medical" type buildings and on Fridays at least he comes to work around the time I do and from the banter between him and the man who runs the place,he frequents I will more than likely run into him to find an opening line to engage him.

I usually use this line on men when I want to meet them.."excuse me,but you look very familiar,did you go to blah blah school?" That usually opens up I will hopefully get the nerve to use that on this gentleman and see if I can make my daydream sex fantasy a reality...lets hope he is not engaged,married,living with someone..or gay..that would just ruin the fantasy ya know..

In a flash..I had a great time with him hehe

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