Gotta love this...what to do about it tho?  

softnlush 54F
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4/27/2006 6:06 am

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8/4/2006 7:24 am

Gotta love this...what to do about it tho?

Yesterday I was on the phone with a very unpleased client..very unpleased,unimpressed and aggravated would cover it..I take the call and he said "I called in a change this morning,and I was about to send it to my Manager when I realized,it was never changed"..ok,that is simple enough a thing to fix,just change it and exchange problem,but I looked at the record and I see,the agent not only,changed his flights to the same exact flight on the same exact date and time,she already charged him the change fee when she exchanged it..I apologized and fixed his problem straight away,recapped to the finest detail and got him on his way..I hang up the phone and begin the process of voiding the original exchange (only 3 carriers allow you to do this,the rest,well,it is what you did and it cannot be changed)..we were very lucky that this was one of the carriers that allowed a void of an exchange...then I looked at the record even more exchange documention,and the pricing record was done incorrectly..3 errors that would cause a very high debit of course I had to see who created this potential nightmare..and YES!!!! It was an agent,whom,in my first months at this job,took every chance she got to point her fingers at me when I made the slightest error,who took every opportunity to tell my team leader if I made a mistake..a woman who literally said to me "you need to do a better job,they fire you for less"..she made my first 3 months really miserable and from that moment I disliked her..she is never smiling,she is always miserable and she gets off on pointing out mistakes to others..well now I got her 3 HUGE errors in 1 record..should I let it go..ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

Of course she was not in when I got this call,otherwise I would have simply transferred the call..she works the early shift and leaves promptly at 5pm..regardless of calls on hold (the late shift is not allowed to leave until the very last call is handled) I am looking forward to heading to her desk this morning and pointing out that 1) she did not recap the itin or else she would have caught the error 2) the exchange format was incorrect and would result in a debit memo guaranteed and 3)the exchange documention was not in the record (this one is gonna be extra sweet since the first time I did an exchange I did not do that as well and she came to my desk and very loudly told me all exchanges MUST be documented both for accounting and for the client)..I am gonna love this people..LOVE this..I have let many of her mistakes slide because it may have been a minor infraction,a missed happens..but 3 HUGE errors..and I mean HUGE..had this guy NOT read his email (and trust me folks most travellers wait until they are checking in for their flight to take a peak at it..they leave it to their admins and us to make sure it is right) there would have been NO way to fix it..and he would have had to buy a whole new 1 way ticket..yes we would eat the original ticket,but the damage is done..another check mark against us.and we are already on red alert where this client is concerned.

This woman,walks around the office like queen of bamboolia (hehe Blu)..and again,loves to point out everyone's errors..and once again,I,softnlush got one of her bungles..and I have refrained from confronting her..not this way..I had to deal with his frustration first off,I had to apologize as if it were MY fault..and I had to fix it and I had maybe an hour to do far as he knew..this was NO issue at all,I made it sound like it was a simple keystroke error and it has been was after the call that I had to fix everything and get that ticket issued before he checked in..I managed it but it was close..and she was home eating popcorn with her fat ass on her couch not a care in the world,perfect people never have to worry,right? Hee hee..I cannot WAIT to see her when I tell her this..and today is my Friday,so I get the week ending in a bang and not a you think I should confront her on it..or let it go?? curious to see what people think

Happy Thursday


rm_bucfannn 62M/61F
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4/27/2006 6:16 am

You gotta love it

I always LOVE pointing out mistakes to the ones that think they are above all reproach. Heh Heh. Especially when it's done in such a manner that they are thoroughly rebuked by management, AFTER you are finished with them. Always makes my day

And, today is also MY friday. YAY. Off for 4 glorious days

rm_ltshvfun62 55M

4/27/2006 7:28 am

Other than the obvious pleasure you would get, I think you are obligated to bring it to your managers attention because of the magnitude of the errors. It may have cost your company the ticket and the customer, but the customer could have had some serious ramifications with his own business had he not been able to travel. If the agent that made the mistake has any intelligence, they may gain a little humility from this and realize that everyone depends on each other to get things done. If not, well atleast you would get the satisfation of rubbing it in her face and releasing some of the aggravation she has so willingly placed on you. LET HER HAVE IT!!!!!

rm_ltshvfun62 55M

4/27/2006 8:10 am

By The Way, I did not realize you had an accident and went back through to find out what happened. Sent you an email about it.

rm_Kingcat4U2 66M
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4/28/2006 3:57 pm

Sounds like she has gone out of her way to be nasty to you. And it also sounds like you have not responded in kind, being nice to her nasty. So,
continue to be nice, while you point out the errors of her ways because
you have an obligation to your employer to conduct business as efficiently as possible. And if she gets a lot of flack, or worse, well,
just try not to laugh too hard. The Germans have a word, Schadenfreude,
which means taking delight in someone else's misfortune. I wish you
happy Schadenfreude!

heavensent1123 53F

4/30/2006 6:04 am

Don't you just LOVE it when someone that makes your job absolutely miserable screws up to this type of magnitude??? What thinking is required, hell yes I'd bring it to her attention AND make sure the manager was close enough to hear it as well, BUT be careful, depending on how malicious she is you might be opening a can of worms, meaning if you thought it was bad before that will seem like childs play.
This happened to me once, I dealt with this nasty B for 6 months, she had to be the meanest person I'd ever dealt with in my life, but she was always very sly about what she said and when she said it. One day she really screwed up and said something to me without knowing there was someone in the other room that overheard her, the other person came out of the room, told her to her face that it was totally unacceptable and that she would be reporting her to management for job harrassement, the B ended up giving her 2 weeks notice that day, life after that was wonderful.

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