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7/14/2006 6:32 am

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7/15/2006 8:29 am

Friggin AY my car is pulling to the right..and it is brand new so yea..time to get it checked..I have just brought my car there only to be told they cannot fit me in..I finally make an appointment 815am today..and I get there before 8am to find,oh,I would say 15 cars ahead of me..grrrrrrrrrrrr.

I told the guy what I needed done and I need to be on the road by 1045am..he said,sorry cannot guarantee that at all..if you leave the car...nooooo I cannot leave my car,I have NO way to get to work and NO I cannot call in..and NO I cannot leave my car again!!..he assured me if I bring it in on Weds he will see to it I am first..yea,we will see..but needs to be Wednesday it is..bright and early and heading there.

This month our company is having it's employee appreciation themed..every week something,is dunk the bosses day..yep,we have a dunk machine set up and a schedule of who will be the dunkees and there are 2 people I want to dunk..oh I am getting in early today..and if it means I have to punch the dunk thingie (yea cheating)..I will do it..well,depends if I have the balls or not..or if my balls miss the target LOL. Hamburgers,hot dogs,cracker jacks and popcorn..should be a fun few mins since we have to use our break time to join the festivities..they end at lunch minute is at 5pm break at 145p I have to do this..dunk them..grab a burger..get to my desk..woo friggin hooo..I am also probably having my midyear review and I know based on everyone elses,that I am not getting my promotion and subsequent raise...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr..I know I could be shocked and get it..but I highly doubt it.

Next Saturday a guy who works with me,his wife is having a sex toy party..and afterwards another co worker is celebrating her birthday Greek Style at a club in clearwater..OOOOOMMMMMPPPPPAAAAAA I say!! I am taking bucfannn and PhoenixBlu for some toy shopping and some spanikopita,souvlaki,gyros and some fun greek dancing..I cannot dance but I can watch..maybe they will break a dish or 2..should be fun though and my co-worker is a blast and a half..another from the neighborhood I came she and I are birds of a feather.

So Friggin AY..gonna go with the flow this lovely Friday..hope everyone gets to dunk a boss or 2.

Happy Friday


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