Friday ramblings about nonsense.  

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7/7/2006 7:22 am
Friday ramblings about nonsense.

It is now over a week since I saw FWB..I have a feeling he is there..far far away..sometimes that happens..they get no warning,plans change and off they go..and now I have NO idea if he is still in the states or not..I hate this part of our relationship you have NO idea.

Last night I was tossing and turning..he was on my mind..and all these thoughts about what may happen,keeping me from a comfortable sleep.

I miss him alot..and I do not even know where he is..but I miss him. *sighs*

It is is "pajama day" at work..NO I am not going in pajamas since the ones I own,well are inappropriate for work..and wearing just a sheet is totally out of the question..but it should be pretty hysterical seeing the ones that will indeed be wearing jammies and slippers.

It is also payday..YAY!! All my bills will be paid HORRAY!! hehe

Tomorrow night is a meet and greet that I will not be attending..a part of me feels like showing up..but the end result will be..nope,not yet if at all..maybe next one..just depends. Depends on alot.

See,there is someone..I cannot even go into it too much..but OMG..I sensed something,felt bad about it,especially after "hearing" the details..I felt really shitty for even thinking for one second they were lying..then I got the goods and yep,they lied..and it is just a horrific lie...and even though it has nothing in the world to do with me..the fact that this is such a heinous lie..well,suffice it to say,I am best to NOT be around that person. It is just how I feel..that is how bad it is. I am still kinda flabbergasted about it if you want to know the truth. Flabbergasted...LOL..I LOVE that word.

I am killing time before I head to work and turned on Maury amazes me that people would not know who their babies' daddy bring 6 men and ALL of them are not the father..that must have been some crazy ass weekend..there is really only 48 hrs where you can get you have to figure the 36 hrs leading to conception,this gal had to be part of some massive gang-bang or just slept with anyone that looked at them..I know I know it is fake..but can you imagine if these women really existed?? That they fucked so many losers that they have NO idea who their kids' dad is? Bring 6 or 7 and in one case 9 men and NONE are the deserve what you get deserve it...the lie detector tests are the best..I thought the answers are yes and no only? how can he know that not only did the liar many he slept with?? *giggles* mindless I have not watched in years and the one day I turn it on..nothing new..same ol same ol..I remember vaguely he was a serious newsman..oh for shame Maury..for shame!!

There were 2 very interesting episodes of Doctor Phil..Yes that I watch I love him for some odd episode is about my favorite recent topic..liars and what lengths they go to to make people give them attention..I really wish I could send it to the liar I know..maybe they would see themselves in this particular liar,they have MUCH in common if you want to know the truth..the second and I found very interesting..a man,who slept with a woman,who claimed she could not have children..and boom miracles of miracles his super sperm got her pregnant..he feels since he did not make the conscious decision to be a father,he should not be made to be a father financially..he,in fact,is taking this to court..since women have all the choices in regards to unplanned pregnancy,whether to abort,give it up for adoption or keep the child..why does he not have a choice to say..sorry I want no part of this,I was clear and I am walking..she sued him for child support and won of course and he is fighting you want to know my feelings on this???

I may not be popular right now..but I feel,if indeed the safe sex chat happened,that she told him she CANNOT get pregnant..that just because she did get pregnant..he should not be forced to be a father in any,of course,he chose to fuck her without protection..dumb move,but,lets say for arguements sake..they took an HIV test,all clean,they are established friends with benefits and he believed she was telling the truth..I believe she trapped him ..that is just my feeling..but yea,I think he learned a valuable lesson...WRAP UP THAT BAD BOY if you are not 1000% sure,or get a vasectomy if you do not want kids..but,to be forced to be a father..that is just not right..not right at all.(for the record the woman admitted she told him about her "infertility"),as you may or may not know..I have been diagonosed with "unspecified" infertility..what does that mean? It means that for some unknown reason I cannot seem to hold a pregnancy..and after awhile unable to even get pregnant..I have had surgeries to find out what is going on..the docs said,it happens..but do I tell men I cannot get pregnant? NO I tell them I have "unspecified" infertility and at this state in my life I am not looking for the miracle pregnancy(since it can happen still as long as I am still having a regular period,the condition can correct itself),your choices are..if the test (HIV) is clear,is wear a rubber..or if you are snipped..then we are good to go..I also tell them...if I do somehow due to product failure or an accident,get knocked up..I will take it as a sign that I am meant to be a mom but I am not gonna chase your ass all over the USA to get your will not be their father..if you choose to be a will be one in every sense of the word..when men know the deal,they can make informed decisions..usually they will wear the rubber..good idea advice to the gentleman on Dr Phil..if you are that gung ho about not being a father ever..get snipped..please do us all a favor lol.

Well a friend just IM'd me and I wanna talk to his fine I will be back later to ramble on some more

Happy Friday

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