Four Hours...  

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3/7/2006 6:29 am

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3/9/2006 4:17 am

Four Hours...

Yes,4 hours of sleep...then my phone rang..FWB,poor thing did not know I am having sleep issues and that he basically woke me up Ha Ha..well at least I got 4 hours in a row,that is a good sign.

In that 4 hours I had exactly 3 dreams,all of which involved sex,(not only do I have insomnia I have perpetual sex on the brain it seems)whether I was doing it,or observing people doing was nice..but then my phone rang..when I heard his voice,I hoped to hear "I am back in town,want some company for the next few hours?" and have real sex,but,alas,he is not back in town,just wanted to touch base with me since he got his phone back from the powers that be who confiscate it during his "job".

Work today and I know in my gut I am going to be less than pleased when I check my work Queue,I had 5 tickets that were waiting for approvals from the travellers managers,tickets cannot be issued without them,and since it was late in the day,and last date of ticketing was also yesterday,more than likely those tickets were not issued and the air fare..gone..really nice,I expect to be on the phone with 3 airlines taking up probably the first 2 hours of my day..1 airline,I already know will refuse me the fare waiver..then I have to pretend my job is on the line and see if they take pity on me,care to place a bet on whether I get it or not? Do not bother,this airline never works with travel agents..I have to call the passenger and talk him into taking another carrier that does not accept his frequent flyer membership..such joy for a Tuesday ha ha...*groans*

Saturday night is the Meet and Greet,not sure yet if I am going..will think about it and see what Blu wants to do,she likes bowling..I don't..not sure I am into it all this month,would have preferred a different venue,something more Rudys..but hey thats fine,if I go I am surely going to look forward to seeing some folks and will make due..quite frankly there are 2 or 3 people that I truly,well,how to say..are not my cup of tea and I am basically not looking forward to seeing them..yes,there are some in TASA that do not do it for me in the least..but I smile politely when I see them,engage them for a minute or 2,and hope they find someone else they prefer over me,so far good and NO it is none of the oldbies,regulars..I adore them all..but there are some,well,as I said,not my cup of tea in the whole scheme of things..but people are people and everyone is welcomed and I will never be disrespectful or make someone feel unwanted or is once a month,I can bear with it..even if I really do not want to ha ha ha.

There are a few I met recently that I enjoy the shit out of tho,to be honest..we have nothing in common,but I enjoy talking to them and watching them interact,even if I am not the one interacting with them..I will name them cause I do like them..Louise and Patrick (aka New2FlCpl and Aquaman)..there is also Alex74_FL(not only is he yummy to look at,he is as nice as nice can be and well,yummy to look at),as well as L2S,Mahande,SincX..very nice people.

I adore adore adore..Cleavis,Frump,Tone,Nastee,Heaven,Simlpy,Poet,Pauls and Scuba,gatttor (tho I miss him),Eclectic,THE FREAKS!!!! Madi and EN (the TASA success story thus far)

Some I am so interested in getting to know better..buccfannn (we met in front of 7/11 this past Sunday,she needed coffee I needed quarters,she was there I was there it was nice to meet someone so close to home)FnM,L4G,B4P,Oraide (whom I have yet to meet),BT (another I did not meet),poet (who comes and goes so quickly,I rarely get to have a deep chat with),PinellasCpl( who I got the pleasure of chatting with briefly at the Palace),Iso (who finally talked to me LOL he usually doesn't),RickSM(who finally talked up a bit more at Rudy's in Feb),Fl Trooper and sexilatina. I am sure there are more,just cannot remember all the names..

I am sure by not mentioning some they automatically are assumed to be on the "not my cup of tea list" ha ha..but NO,I am probably just not remembering their names for a mention..too new to the group or never was introduced and all that..That will change at some meet and greet if I do not go to this one,I realllllly will make an effort not to let crowds paralyze me to one place where I can breathe and sit.

Anyway..I am 50/50 on Saturday night..if Blu reallllllllllllllly wants to go and I am feeling up to it (and the 3rd eye that seems to be growing on my right cheek vanishes)..I probably can be forced kicking and screaming to splittsville..but I can tell ya now..I will not bowl but I will watch while the guys have to bend over for their balls..oh that sounded bad..jeepers.

The one thing is definite..if FWB is in town that night..if I cannot convince him to join me..I am staying home..doing something that is a lot more fun for will have to forgive me,but when sex beckons I tend to follow the call of the wild.

That is all for Tuesday...snl signing off,good night and good luck

rm_bucfannn 62M/61F
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3/7/2006 7:15 am

I enjoyed meeting you in front of the 7-11. Had an interesting convo going, eh?

Please, do try and come saturday. If FWB does make it over, I totally understand, but, if he doesn't, gitcherbutttotampa, chica.


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