Driving home last night from work  

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8/4/2006 6:19 am

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Driving home last night from work

Once again..a late night,and the sky was alive with electricity..serious electricity..kinda was freakin me out if you wanna know the truth..anyway..it rained at some point as I was waiting for a light,torrential cannot see 2 inches ahead of you torrential..and as I made my left hand turn onto Waters..the second I passed the train tracks..the rain stopped..I looked thru my rearview and it was still raining over there..very odd..never experienced anything like that in NY I can tell ya...anyway..about this lightening..I am not a huge fan of being in the middle of that,once I am home..fine..but driving in it..kinda of freaks me out a little..

So as I was driving along 54,I see thru my mirrors the lightening bolts behind me,they are quite beautiful really,almost unreal looking..but it was constant and I was sooooo looking forward to just getting into my apartment and away from that LOL .I did notice something else..the wind..it did not rain at all..just lightening and this wind that was literally blowing my car all over the place..that scared me a bit but I was in control the entire time,took my time and made it home..nature at her best..but I can live without driving in it..in fact if I had to be totally honest..I was scared and I have no idea why.

I saw that movie..The war of the worlds..not sure if you saw it,it is not the greatest of movies but last nights lightening was akin to some of the lightening scenes in that movie and I kinda got the chills..not because I thought something like this could really happen (although I do believe we are not the "only ones" ),but because the lightening at some points during my trek home were pretty close..really close..did not like that too much.

My co-worker said nothing to me,but an email went out to the teams to show them..yet again..what is allowed and not allowed in taking over a record..so we shall see,but I heard from 3 other people that they had countless records taken in the same form mine had been..and I said..you need to talk to the agent and if that does not work,take it up with the team leader..that is the best I can offer.

I did 2 faux pas on the phone that I am gonna get slammed for on my monitor scores..it was reflex reaction because of 9/11 and what is going on in Israel..I had a traveller book a flight from the west coast of the us to the east coast beginning on 9/11 and I gasped..yes..5 yrs later and that date still triggers a whole lot of anxiety with me..and second one was a gentleman booking a flight to tel aviv,after I just read that Hezbollah is warning of attacks there..why would a company send their workers to a place that is in the middle of a war or whatever you want to call it? I think it is absolutely a bad idea..so I am sure I will be spoken to about it..end result they booked their flights anyway,but I think I triggered in them a nervous feel..well,I am sorry..9/11 has forever changed me and what's going down in Israel..NO ONE should be going there..at least NOT NOW!! But my job is not to comment but to take the information and get them there as economically and quickly as humanly possible,not project my fears onto them. ** spanks self **

So,I had a dream last night..that I was on a date with a faceless male and he was taking me the quick way from point a to point b and in doing so,we went through a place that had 1000's of bugs..and I am talking HUGE creepy crawly bugs and I was crying the entire time..and he said,if we do not go this way,we will take hours to get there,this way it is 15 mins..and I am crying about the bugs trying to crawl into his shirt so I cannot even see them..I woke up feeling very stressed out to say the least..yea I am a big huge bug phobic person..well,even little bugs get to me..yet,I love salamanders..hate frogs..love snakes..hate toads..well about the snakes..I am not talking the snakes that hang out on my door step..no no no..I am talking pythons and the like,usually in a cage or someone else holding them..but I will not skeeve that..I do however skeeve these bugs and toads and frogs and snakes that make me have anxiety about walking in my complex on humid nights..ya never know what will jump on ya LOL ...needless to say,he did not get any sex from me..not even in my dream..he lost 50 brownie points..so guys,if you ever take me on a date and think driving thru bug city is gonna get you laid..you seriously are going home blue balled!! Ha Ha Ha

Anyway that is my ramblings for Friday..hope you got a laugh at least?


rm_jrdaddy101 62M

8/4/2006 8:18 am

Don't worry about me and a bug city I hate the creepy crawly little bastards too. I would rather spend several hours with you going around them than only 15 minutes with you going through them. He must not have been to bright not to figure that out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2daycowboywanted 46F

8/4/2006 9:22 am

And here is to hoping that you have a wonderful weekend!

Until later

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