Dilana..work and in appropriate chatter at work..not too mention..Gene Simmons  

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8/17/2006 5:08 am

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8/17/2006 6:18 pm

Dilana..work and in appropriate chatter at work..not too mention..Gene Simmons

Well I watched the elimination episode of ROCKSTAR Supernova and I was very very very very happy to see that the band had a surprise for us all and have decided to do an original song using each of the remaining rockers as frontman/woman..first up..my girl..DILANA..and it was great..I have one complaint..just one..

How fucking cheezy was that to have dancers up there?? Come on..yea yea yea..whatever..they do not belong there,it was cheezy..but it did not stop Dilana from shining..it just annoyed the crap out of me. I remember when Motley Crue ended up going the real cheezy route towards the end of the vince neil days part one..they had 2 chicks in biker babe gear,who,looked great but could not sing worth shit..but looked great..and they did their "moves" and whatever..but Motley Crue never needed that,they never did..and now,here we are and again the cheeziness is there..stop now..just stop..let it flow with just the music and the great men on stage and just fuckin hire Dilana already and cut the cheezy crap..please..thanks

I did not talk about Gene Simmons Family Jewels,again it did not dissappoint,I was laughing at a few parts..especially the "special" donation and the driving test..too fuckin funny,not to mention..someone NOT knowing who he was..trust me,if you ever met the man (I have),he does not appreciate anything less than a scream of recognition,so I believe our Mr Simmons was humbled..and probably reallllllllly pissed off hehe.

Today at work we are having a family styled dinner catered for us,how nice..too bad by the time my team gets in on it..there probably will be nothing left..I find it pretty crappy that they are having a dinner for the whole office between 5-7pm..when we work till 830pm..whatever..maybe during my 15 mins I can cut the line and grab some grub to take home with me..nice..NOT!!

The woman who hit my car and injured me is no longer working for the company I work for..apparantly they offered her a package..actually a few of the elderly have been offered a package and off they are,early retirement..

We have this guy at work,he sits behind me now,he is sooo strange..first off,he beats the fuck out of his keyboard..and he is constantly moving..his legs,the chair he sits in..his hands he is constantly going..we decided very soon the whole team is gonna imitate him and see if he notices ..that should be funny..I also overhear him talking to other co-workers about very very verrrrrrrry inappropriate things at work..that is worrisome cause if he is caught he will probably get fired..lots of sex stuff..dude,save it for your breaks..not during working hours...sheesh..I hope his wife gets her transfer because he is just backed up I guess and it comes out verbally..I have so far heard shit about anal sex,oral sex and how many O's he can give his wife..NO ONE CARES!!! The people he talks too have complained to me about it..but do not want to take it to leadership cause he will be fired..so I said,then just tell him to cut the shit..until he says it to me..I am just eavesdropping LOL.

Anyway..time to blow out my hair and get my ass off to work..I think I have to pick up one of my co-workers..but I am not sure,so of course I will call first LOL

happy Thursday


justlooking7118 107M

8/17/2006 5:49 am

The guy at work needs to find a more appropriate place to vent his frustrations!!

Now, on to the important stuff.
But even more important, they FINALLY kicked that load Zayra out!
Why she lasted this long baffles me. She can't take instruction, (bring the rock, we need to hear some hard stuff), and she has that disturbing way of talking out of the right side of her mouth. Not to mention that her voice in no way works with the kind of music that Supernova does.

rm_MisterFrumpy 47M
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8/17/2006 7:44 am

yeah what he said! thank god shes gone, hated her since the beginning.

these stupid reality shows need an actual schedule not randomly 1-5 times a week cos i dont know whats going on anymore!

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