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1/16/2006 6:43 am

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We all have them for someone at sometime..but what do you do when you are attracted to more than one? Hmmm...I am really not wired for such things but I am only human..and as humans we have flaws and one of mine is..I am so fucking sexually loyal,that I just cannot for the life of me ever date more than 1 person at a time..maybe that is not a flaw,persay..but when I feel an attraction for another,as much as I do want to act on it..I do not..why? Because of the rules of my present FWB relationship..we agreed not to play with others...but how realistic is that? In the long term,if FWB is away 90 percent of the time or moving perhaps and although I am extremely attracted and turned on by him..what happens to me??

Now I can tell you what I always do..after a relationship ends..I take a time out for get back into being who I relish my singleness and then when done with that..I do look for someone to fire me up so to speak..I do not actively go out saying tonite I am getting laid..but I make sure that my aura is inviting and that I appear open to conversation with a gentleman and see where it goes from there.

Someone lit a fire in me..other than FWB and I have to think about that..and NO it is not the cute hot green shirt guy..yea I like his appearance but he and I did not talk so he was not the one who lit me up *giggles* in case people are wondering...

I admire when people respect their relationships and I am proud of the fact that I respect myself and my FWB enough not to act without talking to him communication..honesty..integrity..being able to look at myself in the mirror and know I was not underhanded or sneaking behind someone's back.

In a perfect world we can act on our attractions without rammifications..but this world is far from perfect,people get attached..people get hurt..and I hate to be the one who inflicts that pain (too bad most men in my past have NO problems inflicting it on me). I like my FWB A LOT..more than a lot..more than I should but I like that it is ok for me to feel that way,for me to let him know and for me to move foward.

This other person who...lit my fire..I am well,to say the least..intrigued..curious..turned on..but I am afraid to act on it right now..will talk to him sometime about it..explaining my fear..hoping I do not blow it in a future scenario..oh for thought..

I like feeling attraction..I enjoy when someone is attracted to me,it makes me feel pretty,and desired..and sexy..and there is nothing wrong with that,is there?

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1/16/2006 8:40 pm

No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Good to hear you had a good time on Saturday. Perhaps you'll approach the green-shirt guy next time.

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