Andrea Yates? Any comments???  

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7/27/2006 7:08 pm

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Andrea Yates? Any comments???

Anyone who knows me knows this..I love children,some more than others..but for the most part I am a "oooooh hows the widdle baby" to total strangers pushing strollers..all of my long term friends have children..most are adults sister has aunt 2..I love kids,I,was not blessed with children..but if I were I think I would be a fantastic mom.

What I cannot tolerate,in any way,shape or form,is the abuse of any form..anyone who harms a child should rot in hell..Susan Smith who strapped her kids in the backseat of her car,let go the brake and drowned her babies,belongs where she is,though I believe jail is too good for her..Scott Peterson,murdering his wife and unborn child,I wish I could watch him die..There was another man in Boston,who after going to Lamaze class with his wife,shot her in the head,shot himself in the leg or stomach I believe..and his child was born and later died..they did these crimes for personal her case,to hurt her ex and also to keep a man who did not want her kids,the second because he was a liar and cheater and did not want the responsibilty of being a husband and father (what is divorce NOT an option? ),the 3rd because of an insurance policy,he got himself in trouble money wise..

Now we have another,this one I am torn about,Andrea Yates..I believe what she did,although horrible,was not malicious,she did not do it for personal gain..she was sick,postpartum depression,she had it,I believe,after every pregnancy,her husband ignored it and hoped it would right itself and continued to bring children into the world,I believe had she been in her right mind,she should have had her tubes tied..but he should have gotten a vasectomy,perhaps had he done so,they would have 1 living child..1..she was found guilty of murder at first,due to a foul doctor who made shit up..once it was found out..she had another trial ..found not guily by reason of insanity..I believe this is just..I do believe,had she been taken seriously,had the signs been addressed,had her husband heeded the advice from doctors who more kids..this tragedy could have been avoided..although I am so terribly sad that these beautiful children were taken for no other reason,than an ill mother and ignorant father...I do not see this woman as a cold hearted murderer.

There are alot of women on this site that have kids..I have friends who had kids..I know sometimes they felt overwhelmed..but except for 2 women I know,none really had the worst signs of postpartum sister did with the first boy,she cried alot..but it calmed down after about 3 months,and never once did she feel she would harm her aunts friend had it so bad,that she was so terrified she would harm her child she did not touch him for the first 6 months of his life..another,a friend of my mom,had to go on serious meds because she wanted to kill herself. I wonder if any of you felt that helpless,felt that out of control,do you have sympathy for Andrea Yates or do you think she got away with murder? I truly believe if she was treated for the first bout,this could have been avoided..I blame alot of people around this scenario for those kids dying..I even blame her husband for being so ignorant..but I think this woman will pay for years for this tragedy..and this is what I call it..a tragedy..not premediated murder,not by a long shot.

OK let me have it now


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7/27/2006 7:50 pm

I have been watching a bit of that after the verdict came in..alot of the people who were against her beforehand was not understanding where she is at ... imagine being a mental hospital for the rest of your life (that is what they said will be ) and when she comes out of the "episodes" she has to relive it again and again...I believe that this is going to torture her for the rest of her life--and I agree there were alot of other people to blame for this--

softnlush replies on 7/28/2006 6:27 am:
I believe her husband has a lot to answer for..alot!!

heavensent11236 53F

7/27/2006 8:09 pm

Well I had 4 kids and being completely honest I went through a really bad case of post partum depression with the second one. I cried almost non-stop for 2 months straight. I never at any point had feelings that I wanted to hurt her though. I did have feelings about hurting myself, about life had to be easier if I wasn't in it, but never about hurting her.
I'm still not sure what happened to snap me out of it, maybe the hormones just finally got their act back together. I think it was a combination of the hormones and being 20 and being responsible for 2 lives, I just wasn't really sure I was ready for that.
I was never the greatest mom in the world, too young, too inexperienced, 4 kids and not even 25 yet, it was really over-whelming. Somehow I got through it though. I still ask myself if I could, would I do it all over again, meaning have another baby, and while I could I'm just not so sure I want to. I'm also still not sure I'd want to date anyone with young children. It probably sounds selfish to a lot of people but when you have your first child at 18 you put a lot of things on hold in your life. When they are grown you can finally stop and say ok, for the most part my life is my own again, I don't have to be a full-time mom anymore.

softnlush replies on 7/28/2006 6:26 am:
I believe what you went through more women than not,go through it,for you to feel like you wanted to not be around,it went deeper than some..and not as deep for some,my sister felt she was not a good mother,it lasted 3 mom's friend,had to get intervention,my aunt's friend,with psychiatric help and meds,finally held her baby at 7months old..I think this woman in particular was ill before even getting pregnant and the hormones involved triggered a psychosis..I believe she belongs in a mental hospital (though I tend to cringe at state run facilities),for as long as it takes to get well,and I believe she should be not permitted to have any more children,medical intervention would need to be involved as well,I do not see her ever getting out,but she may with the right I believe she should ever have children,no,she had 5 chances..and lost them all..I am sorry

freetime648 53F

7/28/2006 12:23 am

Ok I will say it as it seems no one else will....I think the woman should not have any choices in it an appeal, a chance to breath while her kids cannot, or being able to LIVE ..period. I am sorry but you asked....I do not care...the first trial specialists claim her to be sane and then on appeal a whole new set of specialists are brought in to help her get the insanity plea! Where was her kids choices in all this??? All buried with them......I disagree with the verdict and feel she should be incarcerated for life if not sent to death row! I am not pro-death penalty, but as with you I am a huge child advocate and anyone who harms a child in the slightest does not deserve to breath MY air! Thanks for the time to respond!

xx FREETIME648 xx

softnlush replies on 7/28/2006 5:28 am:
I am glad to hear everyone's opinions on this subject,to see other viewpoints..I agree with everything you said,applying to cold blooded murder of child,but alas,I do not think this particular case is so cut and dry,and unfortunatly for those babies..I really do believe she felt she had "no choice" and if anyone would have helped her..anyone..all of it probably would never have happened,including have 4 more children..the first trial found her guilty because the first prosecution psychiatrist lied about a tv episode of law and order that never existed,to persuade jurors that she got the idea from seeing it..once that was known,that is was fabricated,the whole trial had to be done over,because we are fair and just..for the most part *laughs*..what kills me most,is they were told NO MORE KIDS after the first post partum depression bout,why did he think without treatment,with a break from having kids and getting her head cleared,that it was ok to keep getting her pregnant? Why didn't she beg through the courts if she had to,to get her tubes tied or a hysterectomy..because,I believe her then husband would not have allowed it,just like he did not get a vasectomy..just like he ignored the warnings,the depression,the doctors..if you truly believe she is meant to die for killing those kids,do you not agree that her ex should be in jail for life,for literally aiding and abetting this tragedy? I do..thanks for stopping by and thanks for your input.

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