is it just me  

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2/13/2005 2:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

is it just me

seems the more I search the more I find interesting,
but those I find are just not being honest with themselves.
posting one thing with their heart, and hormones,
and looking for adventure and through rose colored glasses,

complaining about not finding what they are looking for ‒
guess it is just a way to weed out the ones who are honest and truthful themselves,
in favor of the fun and adventuresome
getting their kicks posting porn in hope of a quick thrill…
making it nearly impossible for the rest of us to get a word in..
without first questioning our morality - - and ulterior motives…

seriously, what ever happened to Honesty, and open communication - between friends,
enjoy sex same as most, but looking for more then the average one night stand,
otherwise I would not be here… searching for companionship with that little twist of understanding
which helps make our dreams and fantasies more fulfilling when shared…….

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