while you were gone  

snowman324 46M
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2/22/2005 7:34 pm

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6/14/2017 9:57 pm

while you were gone

you sit at your desk all prim and proper the office Cutie, too nice but I know your not.
while you slip away from you desk I discreetly slip under the desk and wait.
you return and I was right no panties under the knee length skirt you hitched up just enough to unknowingly let me see.

please add to thoughts as if it was you!!!!

snowman324 46M
8 posts
11/24/2005 3:43 am

i slide my toungue between your pussy lips and taste jst a little.mmmmm tastes great i roll my toungue between your lips looking for your clit ahhh there it is. small slow circles i tease your clit

thongless 50F
2 posts
11/24/2005 2:59 am

sounds just like me. i waited there for you to lick my juices.

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