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3/4/2006 10:36 pm

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my first entry

Hello, today, I start to use this site. to reading this, please do not insult my english, it is bad, but more people speak it, so I will use it too. I live in Guatemala first, now in Jamaica. women like my eyes, so my picture is of them. I am not interested in personal meetings, only in internet cybersex and such.

my favorite fantasy is to being dominated by a woman's ass, but I can do wahtever you want me to do.

I do not need to only having sex, just talking is fine. I will interest in relationships, but know that they will not meet in person, just... platonic relationship (please tell me if that is the wrong word for this- Platonic)

remember, do not insult my english, please. I am learning still, but it is a difficult thing to spell.

Interested in girls or guys who like me, please.

racial thing:
race does not matter to me as much, but asians are the favorite

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