thoughts of another women growing within  

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7/13/2006 3:45 pm

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thoughts of another women growing within

this was something i wrote inspired by someone on this site, i guess my "bi" side may be getting more intense, what do you think??

i would have you wear a really short skirt and some soft, thin, cotton panties. I would have you stand up against the wall like you're about to be arrested. I would kneel down behind you and start carressing and massaging the back of your legs. Rubbing your calves and thighs, and once in a while i would move my hand up between your legs and gently rub your young pussy through your soft panties. I would start to lick you from behind, licking the outline of your panties, following them around your butt. My hands would still be carressing your legs. I would lean in between your legs still from behind and lick your sweet, moistening pussy through your thin panties. I would do this for quite some time, driving you absolutely wild. Then i would turn myself around and sit on the floor. I would scoot up between your legs until i am in front of you. My hands would still be massaging your legs, while my mouth now starts to lick you from the front. Your panties would be saturated with your juices, becoming thin and almost see through. My tongue would lick the outline of your pussy, i would rub your ass with my hands, then pull you in even tighter, forcing my mouth and tongue hard into you, pushing your panties in your pussy with my tongue...

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