Week in Review...  

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8/23/2006 10:31 pm
Week in Review...

2 Saturdays Ago
I started my journey back to the US at 6:00am. The plane leaving Chelyabinsk was delayed by 90 minutes due to fog in Moscow. Not good. I arrived in Moscow at 10:00am. My Delta flight out of Moscow for JFK was scheduled for 1:15pm, but out of the "other airport" across town. I arrived at the "other airport" at 12:15pm and was confronted with a HUGE line to just get into the ticket area. At 1:15pm, I approached the Delta agent counter and informed her at I missed my flight. The Delta agent booked me on KLM to JFK through Amsterdam, which meant I would miss my connecting flight onto San Antonio.

I arrived at JFK at 8:00pm and approached the American Airline counter to inform them that I had missed my 6:00pm flight to San Antonio. She booked me on the first flight out the next morning, but it was from Laguardia. "TAXI!"

2 Sundays Ago
After staying in Laguardia overnight, I went to the American Airline ticket counter at 3:00am for my 6:00am flight. There was a line. I got through the line by 3:30am and headed toward the the gate security area. Although the airlines tell you to get to the airport 3 hours prior to your flight during "Orange" security levels, the TSA doens't exactly START work that early in the morning. At 4:30am, when the TSA employees DO start checking people, there was a line all the way around the terminal.

I arrived in San Antonio, via Dallas, 12 hours after I was originally scheduled. Those first 90 minutes at the beginning cost me 12 hours. Nice, huh?

2 Tuesdays Ago
I arrived at the San Antonio airport to leave for Los Angeles. My flight was schedukled for 8:30am. At 9:00am, the Delta agents informed us that our flight to Salt Lake City was cancelled. UGH! I got rebooked on American Airlines and arrived in Los Angeles at 3:00pm, three hours after I was orginally scheduled to arrive.

Hertz messed up my car reservation. The person behind the counter kept asking if I wanted a different car than the one I reserved. My answer got nastier the more times she asked. She stopped asking when I snapped, "GIVE ME WHAT I RESERVED OR I'LL CANCEL MY GOLD MEMBERSHIP THE NEXT TIME YOU ASK IF I WANT A DIFFERENT CAR!" Sure enough, the car she ended up giving me was NOT what I wanted and I had to go BACK to the counter. They really love seeing people return to the counter, NOT! They got it right the second time. I really hate Hertz. They never get my reservations correct. Only once has my Gold membership been properly handled. Makes one wonder why I have the membership in the first place.

Last Saturday
I was in Los Angeles to race my remote control car. Yeah, I know. I race lil' toy cars. And, aparently, not very well.

Last Sunday
I discovered everyone else's speed tricks before my final race of the weekend. WAY too little and WAY too late. Next year!

I left the races early and decided to do some shopping. I accidentally fell asleep and...

Last Monday
...I woke up at 1:30am. My flight was scheduled for 6:00am. I scrambled to get everything packed. I left my hotel at 3:00am. It took nearly 45 minutes to get to LAX, and believe me, I was hauling ass.

I made my 6:00am flight with plenty of time to spare. The only delay scare was when the airplane's door inflation raft wouldn't "arm". Luckily the problem got resolved and we were only delayed by 10 minutes.

I hate travelling!

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