The Lunch Post...  

smirkingdevil 49M
7/16/2006 8:53 pm
The Lunch Post...

Well, after a couple of false starts on this post, it's finally here: What I had for Lunch (a few days ago)...

Since we live out in the "booneys", the project built a very nice hotel for the expats. Since we can't exactly go buy our own food out here (not conveniently at least) the hotel provides us with lunch. The photo is a copy of the lunch form I have to fill out for the next day when I pick up my lunch in the morning.

We've tried to get "experimental" with what we can create from the selections available.

My favorite so far is the following:

Grilled chicken in a tortilla wrap with cheddar cheese, onions and bell peppers. I add butter to the wrap so that when I microwave the whole thing, it sort of cooks the bell peppers and the onions. Add green Tabaasco to the mix and it's almost like being back in the US (almost).

Check out the form and let me know if you can come up with a better combination. Variety is the spice of life, and this place is getting a bit bland.

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