The 5th of July...  

smirkingdevil 49M
7/5/2006 1:55 am
The 5th of July...

Well, the 4th of July party for 400 people was a success. Here is an update of the activities:

The Americans lost in football. Not a big surprise. We got shut out, BUT the other team only scored 3 goals. Not bad, considering we are Americans and they are Russians who are practically born with a soccer ball in the womb.

My new and improved body took a hit yesterday, thanks to all the bad fluids I drank. I started exercising a month ago and was seeing some nice results. I actually lost over 10 pounds since starting and you can see the difference between yesterday's photo and the one of me practicing for my skydive. Well, my exercising will have to take a pause while I recover from this hangover. The above blog photo is about the number of Jello shots I did throughout the night and my stomach is starting to hate the idea of ever drinking another Jello shot again.

I had to save a few coworkers. Even with all that I drank during the night, I was not too drunk. I was able to recognize when a female coworker would look at me and visually beg me with her eyes to haul her away from the man slobbering all over her. It's nice to play hero now and again.

I ate one hanburger, two sausages, corn on the cob and these great tasting BBQ beans. Oh yeah, and about 15 Jello shots. I'm glad I skipped lunch yesterday.

We had a band play, but I never made in to watch them or dance.

A few Russians decided they wanted to stay after 9:00pm (official end to the party), since they had their own transportation arranged. They did not understand why all the Expats could continue in the bar area of the Camp and not have to go home. Well, we do live AT the CAMP. Our head of security convinced the Russians it was NOT a good idea to stay and they left without incident, but things got a little tense. Why can't all drunks be happy drunks?

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