More adventures...  

smirkingdevil 49M
6/27/2006 10:09 pm
More adventures...

Well, the last angel I dated has fallen off the radar. She got sick from the crazy weather here and retreated to her parents.

How crazy can the weather be here in western Siberia? Really crazy. I started my last bicycle ride with light gray skies and returned 30 minutes later in a torential down pour. The water was not the problem. It was all the lightning.

Within a 10 minute span, I saw over 10 lightning bolts hit the ground while riding out in the open. I saw a flash from one strike that hit behind me and it had to be close, because there was no delayed thunder. It was instant and shook the ground. I was pretty scared.

Tonight I have a date with someone new. She knows no English and my Russian just isn't progressing as fast as it should. She claims to be 34, but her voice on the telephone makes me suspect she is a lot older. Her photos are great, but that means nothing. I also suspect that she removed a lot of information from her profile. I could have sworn she stated she had a child, but that information is now absent. At least I know how to ask those types of questions in Russian. Wish me luck!

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