Interesting weekend...  

smirkingdevil 49M
6/18/2006 6:18 am
Interesting weekend...

Friday, I had a date with an angel. This woman looks spectacular and has a body to match. This was our third date and I am starting to have reservations. If my Russian computer translator is correct, she has a boyfriend! She also has a St. Bernard. That leave me kind of out of the picture, no? I would say "NEXT", but she is just too darn HOT!

I joined a gym for the weekends I spend in town. I actually work very far from the nearest "big city". I rent an apartment in the "big city" for the weekends to come and relax.

At my work home, we have a full gym and swimming pool, courtesy of our project (destroying chemical weapons in Russia). My new thing is cycling. I bought a bike and I've trashed it and my body more than once. I love the expression on people's faces when I return to our Camp and I am soaked, mud everywhere and blood running down my leg. The old farts immediately call our Camp doctor. PLEASE! "Only a flesh wound, keep drinking your vodka or beer".

I did have a date with an older lady on Saturday. She stated she was 36, but I suspect she was over 40. This woman was very fit, though. She was about 5'2" and 95 lbs. She does yoga and it apparently helps. Two drawbacks. She has a daughter and bad Russian teeth. Kind of leaves me out of the picture again, no?

After my date with the older woman, I headed off to a night club that a colleague earlier in the week told me she would visit. What a blast. I got to hang out with three beautiful coworkers and dance all night. I arrived at midnight and left the club at 5:00am. The vodka left little trace of a hangover, so I hit the gym after having lunch with another gorgeous coworker.

The only thing missing from the above? Sex. I still have not found how to have sex with the Russian babes who flock to these night clubs. I'll keep trying and let you know what I find, but the frustration is starting to kick in...

SmallTightKitty 59F

6/18/2006 7:32 am

How old are you and you can't figure out how to have sex with a woman from Russia? Since you keep falling and wrecking your body and the bike .......that is a clue to you that you may not have it. You never forget how to ride a bike, but it sounds as though you never learned how to ride, therefore do you know how to kiss GOOD and do all the other important things GOOD? I am wondering!!!!!!

rm_gwalker_oh 56M
54 posts
7/8/2006 6:26 am

I have no idea how to navigate a Russian night club, but I can tell you this: in general, that culture accepts a much higher level of directness and persistence than we do. Oh be a gentleman, of course, charm is a universal. In fact russkayii (plural feminine, I think! still learning too) actually *dig* something like old-fashioned chivalry! Do open the door for her, do offer her a hand stepping out of the car --- that sort of thing. But as for sexual advances, it's almost impossible to shock or offend them (I'm dealing in generalities here, I know.) Of course they damn well may say no. It's just that they won't think ill of you the way an American babe might. They're much more accepting of human nature, I think.

Good luck!!! -G.

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