Crazy weekend ahead...  

smirkingdevil 49M
5/31/2006 2:03 am
Crazy weekend ahead...

Well, the people I went sky diving with have invited me to a birthday party on Friday night, Russian style. I hope I can wake up before Sunday. I'm told they have a box of vodka ready to go. BOX OF VODKA! Can you even imagine? I'm sure it will run dry, so I'll be taking another couple of liters with me, just in case.

How do Russians party? Well, let me tell ya...

Russians don't hit the clubs until around 10 or 11pm at night. The clubs are usually packed with women. Lots of them You usually see 3 or 4 of them sitting at tables, slowly drinking their drinks. A drink at a bar is expensive for most Russian women. They make what they order last.

Most clubs have floor shows. Dancers come out and do their dances. Some have 10+ dancers doing a performance. Some only 4. The shows provide nice breaks for the DJ and those boogying on the dance floor throughout the night. They also have contests and other announcements.

Meeting the ladies can be easy or hard, depending on your language level and bar nerve. Contrary to what most English speaking Russians will tell you, MOST Russians have not learned English. Shouting in English does not help them understand you any better, either.

Since I am not looking for a "man", I pay little attention to the Russian men at clubs. I do know that Russian men have a very short life expectancy. They play hard and seeing young men drunk and passed out on the sidewalk of a city is not uncommon. Be advised, beer is cosidered a non-alcoholic drink in Russia. You have to be at least 18 y/o to buy it, but kids drinking in the park is common place.


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