Happy First Day of Spring!  

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3/20/2006 9:15 pm

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9/17/2007 11:09 pm

Happy First Day of Spring!

Hello all!

Happy Spring! :c) So, the sun shone bright and warm today here in Victoria. There was a bit of a cool breeze, but it was nice nonetheless. Saw a couple guys without shirts on this aft. brrr! not yet for me! (don't want to scare anyone away with chest hair just yet either) Anyway, what a gorgeous day! and all the afternoon joggers in this area were out in force this evening - nice views in a couple cases. :c)

And, so, it's spring time! If anyone has read this far, I'd love to hear about some naughty springtime fun you've had in the past, both recent and otherwise. :c) then I'll share some of mine! :c)



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