Oral Sex  

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7/13/2005 9:55 am

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Oral Sex

First off, let me tell he who has asked, no, I have not shown my face in any of the pics on my profile or blog. They are pictures I found that do depict what I would like to do!

I read someone's blog today who made the simple comment that she enjoyed foreplay. I too, am a huge fan of it. Not only does it get me completely hot and wet just because it feels good, it's the anticipation of sex, of bonding and the ultimate pleasure.

Ironically, I would not let a guy go down on me for a long time. I was self conscious about it, I think the reason being one of my best friends (a male), who was much more sexually advanced than I growing up. Although he and I never did get it on, he would give me 'tips' and share his tales with me. One time he told me about going down on a girl who apparently had a very strong odour, and he went on and on about how awful it was and that he couldn't finish. I wondered how would I know if I was 'stinky' or not?

Anyway I was giving blow jobs for years without expecting (or allowing!) reciprocation until finally one day I woke up. I had a boyfriend who had been begging me to let him lick me for months, and finally one night I said yes. I even remember what I was wearing.... I had made a decision that I would let him that night, so I had on pink panties that had ribbons on the side. They were so pretty, and they were mesh with lace trim. I was tanned at the time so the bright color looked nice on me. I also was wearing a pink tank top with no bra underneath.

We were both still living with our parents then, and we were in his TV room. We had a blanket on the floor. His parents were in bed. I don't know if it was so amazing b/c he was so eager and excited he put extra effort in, or if it was just b/c I had deprived myself for so long. Or maybe b/c of the risk, since his parents were directly above us. I remember I was shaking afterwards. And he was quite proud of himself for being the one who broke me. We held each other on the blanket on the basement floor for a while, until it was time for me to go home. No sleepovers in those days!

Anyone else remember their first experience with oral sex? Either giving or getting?

rm_ilovehead5 41M
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7/19/2005 5:03 pm

Although this doesn't meet your request i would like to share somthing. I was in a previous relationship. I love to go down on a a woman. I discovered that when i had a hangover going down on her would always cure it!

keeper204 42M
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7/23/2005 2:51 pm

Hey smileygirl, any chance of getting to know you more.


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