grim forecasts, the heart worn down...  

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grim forecasts, the heart worn down...

Real Time

by Charlie Smith

. . . where Hiroshima was, someone said, there's a little star,
and I saw this star, like spit on the sidewalk
. . . and there's a quiet inlet of oaks,
someone said, a brazen light,
and a perpetual return, another promised,
and someone was always having a bad time of it,
grim forecasts and the heart worn down,
punched-in shops on the highway where we bought beer,
and that spring we argued all night,
night after night, and couldn't save the marriage–all that
someone said, will be replaced,
like a city replaced by a meadow
and replaced by a city again–and the little shudder
I got thinking of absent time,
or time without us in it,
and how, sometimes, a friend said, any thought of another
is godlike, is grace, and I read somewhere
about how tired explorers get just before they reach the goal,
about various seaweeds, movies shown in the open air,
about a river pressing in among the trees, and someone said
we all wish to publish manifestos,
and in the decline of summer that year
translations of old ideas appeared like new,
and someone nearly hysterical claimed

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