Lying, and Other Skills  

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2/23/2006 10:20 pm

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Lying, and Other Skills

I am not a very good liar. I'm a very good story-teller (on paper, not in real life) and I have a good memory, so it is easy for me to create scenarios in my head that are plausible, though not necessarily true. But unless I believe something, it's very difficult for me to lie to people, without that telling smile, or shifting my eyes up, down, and in various other directions.

What I _am_ good at, and realize is the best thing to do, is to tell the truth while acting like you are lying. In fact, acting like you are lying is entirely optional. Honesty is the best policy?! you cry out in disbelief. But yes, it is . . . er . . . true.

Example: The other day, I was at work, and someone asked me what I was doing on Friday.

Me: Oh, I'm meeting a couple for drinks.
Coworker: Oh yeah?
Me: Yeah, we've got a hot date for a threesome.
Coworker: Right.
Me: Yep. Well, actually, I'm kind of using the guy to get to the girl, she's hot. But he can, you know, join in. No big deal.
Coworker: Look, if you don't want to hang out, just say so!

The truth, in unbelievable situations, is better than any elaborate lie that I can come up with. I know I'm not telling anyone anything a few proverbs can't throw out to you -- fact is stranger than fiction, honesty is the best policy, etc. etc.. But it never occurred to me that those people knew what they were talking about!

However, things that run in my favor, to make this method really tailored to my personality:

1. I have a pretty monotone, dead-pan sort of humor. Lying with a straight face is easy for me only if the lie is totally outrageous/impossible (ex: I made my freshman college roommate believe I was colorblind for almost half of our time together).
2. The way that I am in real life (vaguely innocent) makes the thought of me on AdultFriendFinder totally outrageous.

This post was really about nothing. I guess just a good introduction to the name of my blog, and my handle. Still waters run deep, you know -- I'm very crafty underneath this creamy whole milk surface . . .

How does everyone else excuse themselves from reality to get sweaty with fellow delinquents on AdultFriendFinder?

boris3367 50M
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2/26/2006 3:32 am

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