Do I have a future in story telling?  

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7/13/2006 8:30 am

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Do I have a future in story telling?

I went in to D&B yesterday to check out the seating. They had booths that were semi-circular, so we would have been able to slide around to the back of the booth. There was one that was in the corner, allowing a little more privacy. It was available. We could have slid into that booth and had a reasonable amount of privacy. With that extra touch of privacy, I would have had you sit on your folded leg. This would allow me full access to your bald little pussy from the back. While I odered for you, you would have to have tried to sit still while my thumb massaged your G-spot and my index finger stroked your clit. After bringing you to the brink of orgasm (before the food even arrived) I would stop and let you tell me about your darkest fantasies. After lunch we would have gone into the game room for a few minutes. There is a game that is in a small seperate room. Inside, I would have pulled the curtain, and bent you over for a couple of smacks to your ass. That would have been for not being completely open during lunch. After the spankings, we would have gone out to my truck to ride up to Buford to a $860k home. It looked like a castle. I went up after waiting for you. On the trip, you would have had to remove your panties, and play with your pussy while we drove. You would have had to tell me what a little slut you needed to be, and how bad you were and that you really needed to be spanked. When we arrived, we would drive through the gate, and up to the front door. Once inside, I would have sent you into the kitchen to bend over the counter and await a real spanking. After all, it's what you needed most. With your face pressed into the cold granite counter, and your arm pinned under you, I would have pulled up your skirt to spank your ass. Your hands would have both been near your pussy, and I'd have allowed you one hand to play with your pussy while I spanked your reddening cheecks. You would have begun to beg for my cock, and tell me that you'd do anything to suck it, or feel it, or even see it. You would be letting your "inner dirty little bitch" out now. You'd be fully begging for my cock. Your mouth, your pussy, your ass. Anywhere. You'd just beg to get it. Now we could walk around the house and see what else we might find. You would drop to your knees and ask permission to pull it out when we walk into the Master bedroom. When I allowed you to, you would begin to stroke it. It would be already hard from the enjoyment I recieved in punishing you. You would start to lick it, and then take it fully in your mouth. It's got some girth, so when I grabbed you rhair and started to thrust into your mouth, you might have choked a little. But, being the good little slut you desire to be, you would have found it in yourself to tkake it. After a short time. I would pull your face off of me, and lay down on the floor. This would allow me to position you so that I could slap your ass and play with your pussy while you sucked my fat cock. I would make you slow down so that you would start to beg me for my cum. When I felt ready, I would have put you in the doggy position, grabbed a handful of your hair, and started to fuck your bald little snatch. I could pull you up by the hair and tell you what a nasty little slut you were for wanting cock so bad. You would have to wait for my permission to cum, and I would have made you beg. You would have to tell me all of the dirty things you wanted done in order to get my favor. I would slow my rythm enough to keep me from coming, but fast enough to allow you to reach your orgasm. Them I would push you off of me and stuck my cock back in your mouth so that I could cum. Then you could lick my cock clean like a dirty slut should. I would leave you standing half naked while I recomposed. Then, for each mistake you made, I would give you a last spanking. At that point, you would gather yourself up for the ride back to your car. During the ride back, you would have told me about your other likes and desires. When we got back to D&B, you would have begged for another opportunity to experience submission. So, is that what you were expecting?


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