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8/30/2006 9:55 pm

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What I want

Well, a lot of people ask me what I want in a woman, so this is what I want. Some of this might be too much to ask, but fuck it, I'm too special to not have what I want, don't ya think?.

What I don't want, and why:
Kids (this can be negotiable): It's not that I'm lazy or I hate them, but at thsi point in time, I'm not trying to be a father, let alone to children who aren't mine. If I don't have to deal with them at all and you're good looking enough, maybe I can make an exception.

Ex boyfriends/husbands in the background: If you're still attached in any way to an Ex (still living with him, still have feelings for him), I'm not the guy for you. I have found that this leads to too many complications, and these complications have destroyed 2 of my most recent relationships.

People who never have time to me and blow me off: Being a working college student, I can understand if you don't always have time to see me, I certainly don't expect to be attached to you at the hip 24/7, and I certainly don't mind the once a week thing, but I don't think a gew moments out of the day to say hello is too much to ask. If I have to constantly wait for your schedule to clear up to get some time with you or if you take seceral days to answer a phone message, It won't work out. By the way, getting stood up on dates is a big time deal breaker, so if yo backout without telling me beforehad, you better have a good excuse and be ready to make up for it.

People who live more than an hour away from Akron: Kent, Canton, and even Cleveland are all right, but the next state is simply too far. I know I'm gonna be excluding a lot of great women, but gas prices are a bitch and long distance relationships are next to impossible.

Girls who hold out on the ass: Hey, I'm a man. What do you expect? Besides, if I'm gonna be spending money on you, I damn well better be getting some action! In all seriousness though, Intimancy is an important part of any relationship. I'm certainly not expecting any in the first night, or even the first month, but if I have to wait too long, it won't work. Virgins and women on a vow of celibacy need not apply.

Someone who expects me to change: My woman has to accept me as I am. I'm a black man in his mid 20s who dosen't drink or smoke, I like video games, and I don't care about fancy clothes or any of that other materialistic stuff. Just becuase YOU have a problem with the way I am dosen't mean I have to. No woman is worth me changing for, and the one who is won't expect me too.

Drug addicts

What I do want
Someone Dependable
With thier own job
Between 22 and 35 years old (no older than 40)
As close to akron as possible

Bonus Points for
People with thier own living space

Race and Religion don't matter

Well there you have it, if I haven't scared you off by now and you're qualified, shoot me an email.

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