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2/8/2006 2:21 pm

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I know this is going to be hard. i need to chill and go the distance till YOU lock me in. With a man, I'm more like a female, knees together sometimes, in your presence I want to spread them, a rope or chain about my waist, a little thong for you to remove, i squirm on the couch, moan and lick my lips, a trimmed or wax play toy for your eyes and your play as you wish, hands that want to squeeze your body, arms that want to pull you into me as you move your hips into me, my lips yours to respond to your kisses, my sweet fresh man pussy, so ready to give you a nice treat, oh how i want your big man dick in me till you release all your passion in me. one day you'll lock me in and ill be yours on a regular basis. i know this is going to be har, but im chilling and waiting on you to make this happen. have you been looking for someone like me who will drop by and you can hit it and i leave till the next time? you could continue to jack off to release that pressure in those big balls or you could unload it deep inside me. ill have a smile afterwards. hope it will give you one too

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