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Not sure....

My mind wanders all the time. It is not unusual for it to drift into the erotic. Heck, would I not be here if it didn't?? The thought of having another man within my life ,one that actually reaches out and touches my soul is something that always seems to surface. I speak of wanting to have someone who is a friend..something more then a single escape into orgasmic heaven. I cannot deny that there are also thoughts of just meeting someone as you go and sit to have a drink. You basically have never really spoke with this person but the chemistry that is there is unspeakable. You know from the body language that at any given moment you both would just walk out of this place not caring where you went to just devour there very being. Like animals you both seem to take turns at pleasing the other your tastes never being satisfied....bringing each to the highest levels of passion...I love the game of teasing...the thoughts of mind play and is something I started writing a while back and feel that I am going to continue with....*shrugs* just thoughts....

During her sleep she dreamed of a man who seemed to fascinate her. It was not only the
way that he looked, for his appearance was one of great confidence and intrigue, the power that radiated from his being was what drew him to her. As she stretched out her arms as her eyes opened to the beginning of the new day she let out a yawn. Restless sleep was nothing new to her. Over the many years of her life she found herself drifting to different lands every night she closed her eyes. Pulling the covers back up over her bare body she laid remember her dreams. Tossing them back and forth wondering why it is that she cannot remove this specific man from her thoughts. With a slight shake of her head she decides it is time to begin her day.

Although she had very little planned for the day she still felt as if she would have to hurry to get the mundane tasks over and done with. Putting the kettle upon the stove she turns the heat up to high to start her tea. Rummaging through the cabinet she pulls out a plain white mug placing it upon the counter. Reaching up to top shelf she grabs a tea bag dropping it in the mug. Pulling open the draw she grabs a spoon dipping into the sugar bowl and adding a few spoonfuls of sugar and placing them within the cup. As the kettle begins to whistle she reaches the steam touching her arm waking her just a bit more. Turning the control off she grabs the kettle finishing up preparing her tea. Bringing the cup to her lips she blows trying to ease the heat taking a sip. Walking into the living room sitting down and clicking on the television.

Staring at the screen yet not paying attention she allows her mind to drift back to him. Visualizing his dark hair her hands gently combing through it her lips gently kissing his drawing in his lower lip. She lets out a small moan of pleasure and delight. Placing her tea upon the coffee table she leans back her body being cushioned by the surrounding pillows. Drawing her legs up to her chest she wraps the throw blanket around herself closing her eyes just dreaming.

It was just near sunset when she saw him walking up the wooden walkway of the beach. The afternoon had been wonderful and very quiet upon the beach. Seeing most of the tourist where gone for the season. A few locals remained but to her she didn’t matter he was who she was waiting for. The smile upon his face was one of relaxation. Relief from his exhausting day of work. She walks up meeting him half way across the beach. His voice soothing her entire being as he speaks “ Well, hello there” he states with sparkling eyes of hazel. Reaching out her hand to his she suddenly is pulled in closer her body pressed to his as she looks up to his sweet smile. “ well hello there yourself” she says with a chuckle.

Smiling she leans in just a bit more as to press her lips to his. Not to her surprise he pulls back from the embrace playfully. “ So, this is where you spent your day aimlessly staring out to sea. Not very productive is it?” he states as he walks a bit closer to the shore line. Laughing she follows behind him watching his every movement. “ No not all my day just enough to catch the beauty before the end of the season” She looks to him out of the corner of her eyes “ Do you not think it is beautiful” a smirk comes across his lips as he answers “ Yes it is beautiful but you should have been doing something else shouldn’t you have? “ he looks to her with his eyes turning greener with every other second. Looking to him her facial expression gives all her thoughts away. “ Oh, I see you do not believe so you do know what that means don’t you? “ he says with confidence turning directly to her just looking over her from head to toe stopping as he looks to her lips leaning down to her “ Don’t you? “ he states demandingly. Oh, she knows exactly what he means as she feels his energy radiate off of him to wrap around her entire being. Watching his eye movement as well as his head she feels his lips brush against hers melting within the sand. As his lips part from hers she answers “ yes I do …yes I do “

Taking her hand they start to stroll down the beach. Looking out across the ocean and back to him she smiles as for at this moment she is in heaven. Knowing that she wants to take this moment capturing it and put it in a place within her mind that will never ever let it disappear. Drawing in a breath she just holds on to his hand following his lead down the beach. Enjoying the silence that surrounds them lifting them to that place where nothing needs to be said but only felt.

~ring ring rings~ Suddenly she is awoken from her thoughts to the phone ringing. Jumping from the sofa tossing the pillow upon the floor she searches for the phone. Eyeing the phone in the kitchen she reaches out just in time for the last ring. “ Hello…” she states in a rush as there is now a dial tone. She clicks the phone mumbling “ damn it I hate when that happens” she looks to the caller id yet there was no data stored. Shrugging her shoulders she places the phone back on the kitchen table walks to the front room of the house stands tapping her foot. “ Well time to get this day actually going some where…shower time” she states to herself. Off to go turn the shower on she drops her robe to the ground as she lifts her leg entering the hot steamy shower. Closing the curtain behind her she lets the warm water wash over her body.

As she stands within the walls of the shower the hot water drenching her body her thoughts fade back to him. This time it is not the ocean nor his home. This time it is very different. Her eyes catch a glimpse of him across a crowded casino room. A smile crosses across her lips as she sees his eyes connect with hers for a brief moment. The blush steaming across her cheeks she turns forgetting where it was she was heading. Aimlessly she walks past the card tables trying to get his eyes off her mind. Seeing the slots she figures she will sit grab a drink from the cocktail waitress and give the machine a few pulls. Perhaps that will occupy her time. Taking out a 20 dollar bill from her purse she puts it within the machine. Loudly it dings a high pitched tone 80 times. She shakes her head seeing she is sitting at a 25 cent slot. Red white & blue it says bright and wide across the top. Pulling down the lever she watches the pictures spin round and round.

Mumbling something as several spins go by and she has not even hit for another quarter “ dumb stupid slot machines hate me” then she laughs being so dramatic about losing. Clicking her finger on the amount of coins to bet to the max amount 3 she then pulls the lever. As it spins a voice whispers in her ear “ Jackpot ??” she bites down on her bottom lip a pulsing energy flows through her body as she turns slowly to the left looking but knowing who it is. His eyes filled with mischief she cannot help but to smile back to him. “ jackpot indeed” she says to him quietly as to be barely heard over the cling and clank of the coins from the slots. As she is lost within his eyes he laughs a bit “ well, the machine isn’t your jackpot” his eyes move to shoe her the direction to look. She growls as she turns looking at the silly machine. Quickly she turns back to notice he is gone. Again she growls a bit louder.

Being annoyed that he left she stands forgetting of the money she left within the machine and tries to locate him once again. Smirking as she walks around thinking I do so enjoy this cat mouse game with him.

(possibly to be continued........)

triag916 52M

8/2/2005 9:16 pm

Fantazy or Real. The creation of each by our own thoughts is only compounded by Fate. Gambling with our own emotions in search of the elusive treasure, Happiness.

I see it, slight, I live it as well. Do we stop? Or continue to search, day after day after day after day? One day-rise to yet another but it is still the same day, just time has altered.

Comfort and pain, woven into a thought so detailed, we ask "Real or Fantazy?"

slightlyjadedone 51F

8/3/2005 1:54 pm

* smiles* you both are GOOD!! Actually He is not real at all...he is what I guess I would wish for if it was to happen without prior knowledge........I love the comments btw both put a smile on my face...thank you ...D

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