Next life time  

slightlyjadedone 51F
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11/8/2005 9:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Next life time

I know this is right

I know it is okay now

Fate taking another twist within our already tangled lives

The voices tell me truly we shouldn't of met

At least in this life time

The emotions so raw

The feelings to painfully real

It is okay

I must let you go

I have taken your heart within my own

Shown you what once was

What will be again

I know this will be hard

Perhaps the hardest thing I have known

For how do you let go of something you have searched for your entire life time

How do you touch the flame that is all that you are only to pull away feeling half the heat you long to consume

The gods tell me this is what must be

Touched by the wonder of actually feeling what your soul so desperately longs for

Better to never have known that it truly exist

I will be fine

Do not bother your tortured heart and soul

Go on with what it is you have and know

Turn around

Let go

Alone I was

Alone I will be

Just know that the next life time it is to be ME

Me in your arms

Me in your heart

Me in your mind

Me with you in OUR next life time

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