Feel the love.  

slidingin73 44M
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3/20/2006 11:27 am
Feel the love.

It puzzles me. "What does?" you might ask?
The people on here (yeah ok, the women on here) who are more than happy to post up a profile, then when you make contact suddenly come over all coy and start talking about looking for the man they want to spend their lives with. Eh? If that's what they want then surely they should be registered to a site that isn't festooned with cock pics!! I mean, this site is pretty obviously run for people who are looking to fuck...plain and simple! Yes, ok...some people want to cyber, suck, lick...whatever...but it all comes down to sex and I'm pretty sure one of the interests when you write a profile is not 'cuddling by a warm fire with a cup of cocoa and some Barry Manilow playing in the background'. So my advice to the ladies looking for more...head over to a more mainstream, 'civilised' site. This place is for dirty bastards only

Anyway, as it stands...still no doing with finding a place and time for my first meet. This is mainly because I have suddenly found myself swamped with work and have no time to get out and about...sad but true. Never mind tho. The work will soon all be done and I'll be left standing in a cloud of dust with a raging hard-on!

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