Life in California.....  

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6/3/2006 11:27 am

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Life in California.....

slidein2meplzWell Blogland buddies it's been quite awhile since I've posted anything and Jefe had to work today, so I figured I'd take a few moments to post.
California life is going well....for the most part. I'm able to see my daughter and grand daughter nearly every week and so I've been very happy about that. She's only about 25 miles it doesn't take very long to get there.

During the early part of May I got pretty sick with a really bad cold and even though I didn't go to the doctor I'm pretty certain it was bronchitis and because I have such a tendancy to get bronchitis I knew that it was happening and also that if I didn't nip it in the bud ASAP it would soon become pnewmonia....which I've had many, many times. So, being I was so sick and knowing how I feel when it gets worse, I called my Dr. in Tucson and he prescribed antibiotics for me, which really, really helped. Jefe during all this time was an absolute SAINT!

Work is going well and I'm happy to be getting real paychecks every week. I'm not liking driving 23-24 miles to and from work every day, but at least I am working. I still have yet to see a penny of my back pay from the medical billing company....and they owe me over 7K. I have an "inside" source who tells me that my ex employer is on the verge of getting his funding/investors. So I hope he will be honorable and do the right thing...and send me my money.

I've managed to put a bit of weight on since I've been here...not too terribly much, but some. I can still comfortably wear the jeans and stuff I brought out with me nearly 3 months ago. Geez, can you all believe it... on the 18th of June, I will have been out here with Jefe for 3 months.

He and I are doing very well....still lot's to learn about each by day we learn more and more. So far, neither one of us is ready to give up the ghost...LOL...and that's a good thing. We're looking for a new apartment, something bigger than what we have now. All though the apartment we have is nice (it's in an older complex) and the rooms for the most part are quite large, it's still not big enough and there is no where for me to bring in any of my stuff once I get them here from Tucson, which I hope will be soon. As long as I don't have any $$$$ problems crop up, I should be able to take care of moving the rest out soon.

My car was giving me problems about 2 weeks ago, but it's running ok now....keeping my fingers crossed, hoping nothing happens. Someone got into my car 2 weekends ago...Jefe and I had forgot to lock the door, and someone (kids probably) got into it looking for money (probably)...anyway...they didn't find any. I found 30 bucks about a month ago on the steps of our complex....didn't keep it....instead put it back where I found it and hoped that whoever lost it would find it....but I doubt it. I have to admit I struggled with whether to keep it or not...but decided that if it were me who had lost it, I would be very upset, so I put it back...and I'm glad I did....but I honestly don't think the person who lost it found it.

I talked with my miss candy69sosweetcandy69sosweet last week/ was a fantastic happy to see her spread her wings and take care of what she needs to do. I'm hoping everything goes well for her. Talked to
duststormdiva about a month or so ago one night....great visit with her as well...and I also had a really good visit with mzhunyholemzhunyhole shortly after I came out to CA. FYI...mzhuny... I haven't forgotten about the picture I said I send ya...IE: Marilyn Monroe stuff. We just haven't gotten down to Hollywood yet.

Anyway...that's a bit of what's new with me and with Jefe lately. I hope everyone in Blogland is doing good.
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6/3/2006 11:29 pm

Thanks for the update. I was wondering how you were doing. Glad to hear things are going well.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

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