Just a typical saturday...  

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Just a typical saturday...

so far...it's starting out to be just a typical saturday, nothing going on at the moment...just hanging out...online...surfin...checkin' out other member's blogs....answered a message from someone who likes the show "24"...actually I replied back with a pretty lengthy message, mostly about the show. Stuff like that.

I did read an interesting blog from a trans-gendered (male to female)....she writes very well and I was impressed.

It was very informitive about what the differences are between the various degrees of cross dressers, trans sexual's and TS's. I'd never really given it much thought...because I am 100% female..totally straight....and not at all interested in other women, nor have I had much experience with or known men who either dress as women or are trans sexual. Since I'm just a standard member, I can't view larger pictures of people...but from what I was able to see... when I first started reading some of her blogs...I would not have guessed her to not be a woman. Totally had me convinced I was reading another woman's thoughts and opinions. As I read more, she then mentions she's a pre op TS. My first thought on reading that was "I'll be darned"... I was surprised...cuz I sure thought she was a woman....she is a woman...even though she might not have been born one. I can't identify with what she and other's go thru or what they feel but I do think she and the others like her are quite courageous...I'm sure it hasn't been easy.
I don't have any negative thoughts or notions about it...and continued to read her blogs.
They were entertaining...informitive and honest...
heartfelt...and very classy. I posted a few comments on a couple of her posts that I either agreed with or thought was very nice.

This past week at work really sucked...storm we had last Sunday night/early morning of Monday really messed up our computers/network. It's healthcare related...and so our network/servers are "military" strength...(as far as internet security goes)...so it wasn't like when I worked at the dealership and the system would go down. This was a major problem. I did relish in the fact though...that I didn't have to deal with the people in India...I really hate having to work with them...but I have to put those thoughts on the back burner and not let on that I have negative views of that sort of thing.

I don't at all appreciate American companies outsourcing to Inda...and I don't think it's right or fair to Americans. I hate being hypocritical because my job is connected with a data processing center in India...but until I find a new one..I have to keep my opinions and thoughts about it to myself.

I don't think companies that outsource to India really know that those people who fill those jobs over there make so many mistakes...or realize how frustrating it is for people here to have to deal with them....half the time...I think people here don't actually know they are talking with someone from there. Some of them are able to at least sound like they are American.

There is so much cultural difference that the people in India have a hard time understanding how for instance a child can have 1 last name... the childs mother have another last name...and how the child could have a father in another city or state....so then when that person in India is entering data for a healthcare claim...they take it upon themselves to change the last name of the child, which then when the insurance claim gets to which ever insurance it is... the claim gets rejected, because the insurance can't find the member, because the name is invalid. This sort of things happens constantly.

My co-worker and I are constantly having to calm a pissed off patient from one of our clients...or from a doctor or doctors office manager down over mistakes they make similar to what I described above &/or dozens of other sorts of "cultural" difference types of mistakes.

They also, take it upon themselves over there in India..to decide that everyone is married. They can't concieve of the concept that single people exist...that single/un-married people live together...so when they enter data for insurance claims...they put people as married. Guess what.. claim gets rejected...cuz the insurance company's information says that person is single.

I could go on and on about the stuff we deal with because information is sent to India...and I've only been in healthcare environment...just since mid March. All my prior working years....26 years to be specific..were in automotive. I had been in one dealership or another all my working life until just recently and as far as I know or as far as I knew during all that time...was that there wasn't any outsourcing to India.

So my experience with that has only been within the last 5 months...and already I've witnessed enough crap the mistakes they make have caused.

I was recently told by one of our extremely pissed off clients...that the patient accounts are so messed up that they (the doctor and his staff) wonder how we haven't lost all of our clients...and continued to say how the contract they have with us is a joke...we're a joke..etc...

To be honest... I've been wondering about that too. If it wasn't for my co-worker who is absolutely the hardest working person I think I've ever seen and so "on top of her game"... I think we would have lost them all. She's damn good at what she does...totally under paid....and hands down the best teacher I could ever have. She reminds me of "me"...when I was at my old job. I miss not being "on top of my game"...and am finding this new job to be difficult to understand. I suppose I'm doing "ok"...but I don't feel like I am taking to it very well. It just isn't coming as natural to me as automotive ws.

I can't count how many times I've heard her tell those people over there how to do certain things...only to have them screw up over and over again...and she tells them week after week... either verbally or thru email.

I told her recently that the problems caused by India...is so overwhelming...that it seems that ever since I started... we have been constantly having to back peddle...to fix their fuck ups, calm down this doctor or that doctor...or explain to this or that patient... we're sorry, it was a data processing error... you don't owe $$$$$ and it really should've been resubmitted to the secondary insurance...or whatever. So mainly I just don't feel like I've really had the opportunity to really learn this job and actually do a full day of regular work. It's constantly handling problems...I bet we spend more than 3/4 th's of the day....just putting out fires. Instead my training/learning has been all to do with fixing problems...and just getting thrown in there to learn it on my own.

One client reported us to the BBB.... so that meant we had to stop what we were doing... scramble for documentation to defend our company, etc... all due mostly to India fucking up... however, this particular doctor had caused many of the problems on their own. So it was a combination of a lot of things.

Bottom line is... I'm just not cut out for healthcare...even if all I am is admin. asst. and not really doing any of the actual coding. It's pretty obvious...I'm not likin' this new job very much....but I don't show it at work and I try to not let it affect me at work...but deep down inside...I really don't give much of a fuck about it anymore...and don't really have much respect for the owner of the place..won't get into that, as it's a story and half on it's own). It's a paycheck...and I'll do what I need to do until I can find something else. I'm planning on going to visit my daughter and son-in-law for Labor day weekend... I have several days of compt time...so I'll spend 5 days or so out there...and theres quite a few RV factories &/or dealerships near my daughter...so I'll bring resume's with me...and job hunting clothes...and hopefully get to interview...&/or actually get hired to someplace out there. Ever since my grand daughter was born...I've been kicking around the idea of moving out there to be closer.

I wouldn't have a major hassle to mess with... I own my home...and it has an apartment attached that I rent out...to my youngest brother....and I could easily rent out my house....or he could move into the house and I could rent out his apartment instead... he could handle taking care of stuff there...and so I could move w/out much planning. I think so anyway. These places in CA. are all companies I submitted warranty to...and had good relationships with as far as my dealings with them. So, it's a do-able possibility. Most places like that normally scoop up people who've been at one of those places....simply because they like getting ex-employee's of certain places. My old company was very well known...so usually anytime someone I used to work with left the company, they would almost always get hired by these other places...even if that person...maybe wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

Sounds like we're fixin' to get a storm. Storm we had on Tuesday was pretty heavy. I've been in Tucson...39 years...and Tuesday's storm was probably the heaviest I can remember seeing in a long time. We need the rain.... we need to replenish the water sheds. I just don't like driving it it.

I suppose I've rambled on enough for one blog...
so I will close for now.... Hope everyone has a nice weekend. C'ya...

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