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7/9/2006 3:15 pm

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7/13/2006 7:05 pm


ok, it is time for me to start. I am a 34 year ild female. I have never been with a man sexually, I like men, i just love women. I am a plus sized woman who I think is horny all the time. I love to masturebate. i love to try new ways to do that and I am open to any suggestions. the reason I have never been with a man was I was saving myself for marriage, which I am no longer sure that will happen. I started playing with a woman when I was 24. she was teaching me how to please myself so that it made saving myself easier. she moved away a few years later but we still chat to help each other.

Anyway.. I think about sex all the time. I love porn and cyber. I do want to have sex with a man but now I think I have waited too long. I love to please myself all day long. I love to try new things and I am always looking for advice. I need a woman to become my teacher... I hope to find one that can help me. My only turn offs are underage and scat...

I don't share my kinky thoughts with other in my real life. I feel them out but have not meet anyone in a long time open like me. I hope to share thoughts and experiances here and look forward to feed back. welcome peeps to my life

rm_Kallisti_5 37M
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7/11/2006 1:32 pm

I would suggest trying to find yourself a couple with a bi-female. Something old and something new, 'eh?

mnsexhouse 45M

7/13/2006 2:28 pm

There is going to be a party at Treasure Island on 9/23. This is purely a social gathering. You are most certainly welcome!!

SirMounts 104M

7/25/2006 11:11 pm

A very warm welcome to blogging, slave carly. *smiling*

rm_lightning246 40M
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8/18/2006 10:36 am

Carly...nice to have you around. Hope we can chat sometime.

goodtimes20204 65M
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9/15/2006 6:25 am

Carly,welcome to the blog writing pad stay in touch w/ your sights goodtimes20204 is here to rescue you from what you desires, let me be the one that's take you there.

willieiswet 59M

10/14/2006 12:55 pm

being you were with another woman that means you love being eaten, If your interested, I maybe help on both issues. I have a little something here to make you long for a good lickin
something to make you think
Sweetheart something to think by, as your mind drifts off.
You invite me over and we talk for just a few minutes in the
living room, you put your arms around me and say umm you are
like a big teddy bear, big enough to give great hugs but yet
soft enough not to hurt me in the hug.
You pull back from the hug and look into my eyes and smile.
I pull you close and give you a soft kiss in your lips, you
tighten up on your hug and start kissing back with mine,
I slide my tongue into your mouth and you start to pull it
in with a slight suction.
You break off the kiss and pull me in for a full body hug and
say you feel tired and want to lay down and if I would like
to join you, I reply with a yes.
We get into the bedroom, we are standing next to the bed.
We start kissing again and I reach up inside your blouse
and undo your bra, your breast gentle slide out of your bra,
I hear a very soft sigh as it happens. As we are locked in a
very passionate kiss, I start unbuttoning your blouse,
then slowly and softly start to slid it down your arms, you
drop your arms to hurry the exit of your blouse, I take your
bra straps off of your shoulders and your bra drops to the
floor exposing your beautifully developed breasts and
their hard nipples. I pull you close and you feel my erection
in my pants at rubs just at the top of your crotch and you pull
your lower body in to get a better feel and then another faint
sigh releases from your beautiful lips.
I break off the kiss and move to your chin well lightly doing
little kisses, then keep moving onto your neck and then
I stop kissing and very lightly set my tongue on your skin
and slide down to your breasts. I softly starting licking
your erected nipple and then taking my fingers and start
massaging your other nipple.
I start to undo your pants and drop your pants and panties
to the floor at the same time. You start to sit down on the
bed and I stop you from sitting down. As I am still sucking
on your breast, you cuddle my head in your arms, I pull you
close and slide my hand down your back and past your cheeks
of your butt and slide my hand between your legs and find
a very wet sweet spot.
I slowly direct you to sit on the bed, your sitting on the
very edge of the bed and I direct you to lay back and you do.
I run my tongue down your stomach and I feel your tummy start
to quiver.
I work my magical tongue past your very full bush of hair
and on to the inter thigh and you spread your legs open for
me to view my desert awaiting me, you put your feet on my back
and give out a louder sigh. I take my tongue and very gently
lick your clit and get a back arching and very loud sigh response
from you.
I keep licking your clit and I feel the pressure of your heals
into my back, and you give me a small bead of your love juices
for tasting. I then take your clit into my mouth with a mild
sucking pressure and you explode into my mouth and face
with your warm and very tasty love juices, I slide my tongue
down to your pussy lips and they are trembling and as I pass
over them you explode again and again a very loud moan.
This is part one of unknown number of parts.
I hope you enjoyed and are not too wet
let me know even if in my blog and I will reach you through AdultFriendFinder

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