part two  

slasher915 37M
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6/16/2006 11:37 pm
part two

My X and I met again. I was thinking this would be just a quick hello and then I would be on my way.

I made it to her work ten minutes late. I walked and she game me a hug, she smelled wonderful. We jumped in her car and ran to a local restaurant. We talking about movies, drinking, and banks. We finished eating hoped in her car and back to her work. We went inside and sat down to talk in an open area.

We were tlaking when she started complaining about her back. So I rolled her over and started messaging her back. I started near her shoulders and moved down her spine. I worked her back over then moved to her feet. As I worked her feet I started to move up her legs I would stop justbefore her crotch.

I then rolled her over and worked her tummy and he face. I finished laid next to her and we continued to tlak. Just about little stuff then about things we wanted to do to each other. We olayed around tickling and rolling around thenjust laid there tlaking.

My hand was on her stomach and we again talked about being nice and dirty. I slide it down under pants to the top of her leg. I was how nice of guy I am and she said you don't have to be. I rubbed her leg and slide my hand closer, I toucher her thong and started rubbing just to the side of it.

She started to tussle, knowing I had her almost set, I slide my hand over her thong and rubbed, immediately I felt her thong get wet. pushing my fingers in with her thong just on, made her moan,

I slide my hand under her thong, started rubbing the outside, She was just gushing and ready for nice cock, she was so ready two fingers just slide in. Reaching in deeper she just moaned, and started reaching for my cock.

She stroke my cock through my shorts as I shoved my fingers in to her. I took my hand out undid her pants and slide i ever deeper. she started undoing mine and stroking harder.

I pulled down my pants with my free hand and slide them off, then in an instance we had hers off.

I climbed on top, but kept my hand in her pussy, she was moaning louder and I didn't want it to stop.

I kept going in more and more, I couldn't take it anymore, I slide down Sucking up her juices. Oh did she taste soooooo good, Just like a peach.

When I had finished I climbed on top and shoved my throbbing cock into herI started slow but pciekd up speed quick. I just started pounding her, picking up one leg, then the other, just not letting up, lettin gher scream. I just kept going harder and fast then slow and hard over and over, I reach my hand down and rubbed her clit as my dick just ke[t ramming her. Soon I couldn't take it anymore, I pulled out, she went down and sucked up all my love juice,

What a great Way to meet

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