One Last time  

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6/6/2006 10:38 pm

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One Last time

SO the other nite I went out to dinner with an X. We talked about the what we had been doing and what we our plans were in the future. She told me that currently her boyfriend and her were having problems. She felt like she was being used and getting nothing in return. When they would go out she would have to pay for everything and she was just fed up about it. She seemed quite sad so I reached my hand out to touch her and told her it would be ok.

We had a little more small talk and got up to leave. I was thinking this would be the end of the night but oh I was wrong.

We reached her car and she said do you wanna go for a ride. Not having anything else to do I said sure. We got in her car and started off.

We started talking about my current relationship and how that was going. Since I am engaged it was a short conversation but in it I said I would love to have one last time with someone other then my fiance. She smiled and didn't say a thing. We made a few turns and then she reached over and put her hand on my lap. she said she would always be there. She kept her hand then for awhile but started to rub my leg. Slowly her hand moved into my thigh and up to crotch.

Someone must be getting excited she said as she briefly felt my throbbing cock from my pants.

The next parking lot she pulled over and stopped. Do you wanna drive I am feeling a little tired she said. I said sure and slid over.

We started back towards the restaurant and before long she layed her head on lap. With her hand she began to touch and caress my leg, sliding her hand up. she reached my erect throbbing cock and went immediately for my zipper. she pulled it down then slide her hand in.

She has long fingers which here able to slide in and pull Mr. Happy (my throbbing cock) out. she just rubbed it for a few minutes but soonlifted her head up and started kissing the shaft.

She would start at the bottom and move to the top. when she got to the top she would suck the tip. then kiss her way back down and suck on each teste. soon I was ready to explode and she could tell so she stopped.

She sat up and said I want you. I want you now.
Having had many expereices in a car I knew it would be the perfect place. She suggested her place of work.

When we got there she grabbed my shirt and pulled me in the door. Before we could close the door she threw her self on my, and started kissing me.

Soon we were rippign off each others clothes and throwing them around.

I picked her up onto one of the display cases. I slid down kissing her neck and then down to her firm breast (a cup) I undid her bra and some sucking hard she moaned. I sucked again, taking in her whole breast. and pulling her in. I lifted my head as we kissed again.

I slide my hands down her waiste to thong. It was purple lace and transparent on the front. I could see her shaved pussy was wet.

I took my hands grabbed her thong and pulled. IT ripped fast and before she knew it I was down stairs,

I started by kissing her thighs with her sitting up on the case. but as I moved closer I pushed her down. I could smell her sweet juices and dove in. I sucked licked, she moaned, I reached up grabbed her breast, shoved my tongue in her farther, she moaned louder, pinching her tits with one hand, I took the otherpulled her lips apart and started rubbing her clit with my toungue, she grabbed me pulled me in and kissed my pussy soaked face.

She got of the casepulled me in close saying I always wanted you to shove you think pienis in my ass, and before I could say anything she turned around, spit on her hand and started rubbing her ass. it took a few moments to get her before she leaned over and said don't worry, I want it hard.

I stood behind her, with her bedning over reaching behind to guide my cock in. I don't have a huge cock, but when it is engorged, it would be a bit above average for girth.

She slowly led it and Islowly puched she moaned, and pushed her ass to make me go in further. IT took a few minutes but soon my whole cock was in her ass.

I started slow, matching her moans but soon I couldn't take it, Her ass was so tight around my cock, I just had to go fasteer, You could her my balls slaping her, with her moaning and hearing my balls I did one last puch and shot my load deep into her ass. we stayed there for a few minutes, I started to pull out and watched as my hot cum came rolling out of her.

We layed there holding each other for awhile, with our juices rolling onto each other. Soon We get back to action

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